WORKSPACE OF THE YEAR 2021 – Promega Corporation

Design haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050
Location Walldorf, Germany
Winning roofscape

The project title “Promega under one Roof” by haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 for the new logistics center with administration seems pragmatic. And yes, if you look at this new building for the Promega Corporation in Walldorf quite objectively, the architects have united the subsidiaries, departments and functional areas that were previously spread over different locations under one roof. But only when you look under the rectangular roof area do you notice how much room for interpretation the project title really leaves. Because the architects combine not only the locations, but also calm design with dynamic architecture, well-being with efficiency and entrepreneurial growth, with the conscious use of all available resources. An achievement that we want to honor with the 1st prize of the Best Workspaces Award 2021.

It is the wood that draws attention to Promega’s new logistics center from afar. Only a narrow strip flashes out from under the roof edge and yet, between all the green, glass and concrete, it attracts the view of the visitors almost magically. Otherwise, the architects from haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 here in Walldorf opted for a calm cubature and simple coloring. Of course not without creating a prominent main entrance and potential for tension with the cantilevered floor slabs and the turning out of a building edge.

An architectural suction effect that draws both employees and visitors into the interior of the building, only to surprise them with the light airiness of a three-storey atrium. While the almost 150 employees spread out over the stairs to the individual levels of the working world, the visitors take their places on the lush seating islands at the reception. And again it is the wood that immediately attracts everyone’s attention. Because what began outside as a narrow strip spans all areas of the building inside as a 9,000m2 wooden construction and thus unites the different functions in terms of design. Offices, logistics and production areas are arranged around the atrium, but of course there is also enough space for conference rooms, technical support, staff café, fitness and relaxation areas on the roughly 16,400 m2 gross floor area. With this spaciousness, different color schemes on all four sides of the building ensure orientation inside. However, there is hardly any need for room separation – maximum clarity in color and shape are sufficient to structure this working environment.

Growing sustainably

The Promega Corporation, with its solutions and technical support, has become an indispensable part of everyday laboratory life. The approximately 4.000 products of the corporation enable scientists worldwide to expand their knowledge in the areas of gene, protein and cell analysis, among other things. As a company, however, you have also set yourself high sustainability goals and even exceeded these goals for 2020. For example, the company’s own CO2 emissions were reduced by 13%, waste by 15% and water consumption by as much as 27%. How this is possible when the company is growing steadily, hiring more employees and opening new branches, is demonstrated by the new haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 logistics center. The demands of the client and the architect were equally high and the conscious use of the available resources of land, energy, water, building materials and people became an integral part of the construction and operation of the logistics center. Sealed areas are kept to a minimum, while most of the roof areas were planned as green roofs. The outdoor space, modeled as a landscape, was renatured together with the landscape architects Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl and largely planted with native plants, trees and orchards. Particular attention was paid to a natural water cycle. Sure, the green roof areas hold back the rainwater somewhat, but drainage basins have also been created and a lake has been integrated into the cycle. This not only relieves the public drainage network, it also improves the microclimate, serves as a fire pond and irrigates the remaining green space. All these measures are not only sustainable in long-term planning, they also shape everyday life for the employees and provide them with outdoor offices, terraces and a fitness trail.

The sustainability concept can also be clearly seen in the building itself. The atrium serves as a natural chimney effect in the building, the facade design ensures thermal protection by means of passive and active regulation, comfort is also supported by mechanical ventilation and component activation connected to a geothermal field and the base load of the total energy requirement is supplied by the photovoltaics installed on the roof to name just a few examples. However, it is not the high sustainability standards that make this project the winner of the WORKSPACE OF THE YEAR 2021, nor is it the engaging architecture or even the creative merging of all corporate areas. It is the successful combination and implementation of all these requirements that makes the “Promega under one Roof” project by haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 so special and this year’s winner for us.

ClientPromega GmbH
Architectshaascookzemmrich STUDIO2050
CompletionNovember 2019
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m216.400
Number of employees115
LightingDesk lamp: Nimbus, Roxxane Home
FlooringCarpet: Desso Fields EcoBase | Parquet: Esc, Chateau
AcousticsTroldtekt acoustic panels individually milled | Curtain: Kvadrat Steelcuttrio
Workspace FurnitureDesk: MalscherSitzMöbel, Worktable 1 | Office chair: Vitra, ID Soft | Sideboard: Vitra, Level34
Conference FurnitureConference chair: MalscherSitzMöbel, MSM Classic 3113 | Conference table: Wiesner-Hager, Yuno | Meeting furniture: MalscherSitzMöbel, FF11 | Meeting table: Arper, Cross
Lounge FurnitureSofa landscape: Opelis, Docks | Armchair: Norr11, Mammoth Chair


Peter Schäfer
Senior Designer, Gensler
Prof. Rudolf Schricker
Interior Architect, Professor at Coburg University
Dr. Sven Horsmann
Editor-in-Chief, luxlumina lighting architecture
Best workspaces initiators