Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer
Professor, Journalist
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer teaches communication and media at Quadriga University Berlin and has worked as a cultural scientist and journalist, including as editor-in-chief of Baumeister and editorial director of Callwey Verlag.
de Winder Architekten GmbH
Last year's winner, Sascha Nikolauschke, Claudia de Winder, Klaus de Winder
With the conversion of a former industrial building in Hamburg for the children's and youth book publisher Carlsen, de Winder Architekten were able to win 1st prize in the category of working environments at BEST WORKSPACES 2022.
Prof. Dr. phil. Andreas K. Vetter
Author BEST WORKSPACES, Professor of Art and Cultural History
Andreas K. Vetter teaches as an architectural historian in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at the TH OWL in Detmold. The titles Townhouses, Haus & Auto or Raumideen were published by Callwey Verlag.
Johanna Neves Pimenta
Editor-in-chief, md magazine
The studied industrial and communication designer has been part of the md editorial team since 2018 and has been editor-in-chief and strategic head since 2020. Their mission: to find out how trade journals can convey information in the future, from print to online to social media and events.
May-Britt Frank-Grosse
Editor-in-chief, baunetz interior | design
May-Britt Frank-Grosse networks as editor-in-chief of the baunetz interior | design platform creators and manufacturers from interior architecture and design.
Dr. Robert Nehring
Editor-in-chief, Magazine "Das Büro" and Blog "OFFICE ROXX"
The publisher Robert Nehring is the editor-in-chief of the print magazines and blogs of the Berlin PRIMA VIER Nehring publishing company, which has been dedicated to almost all office areas for almost 25 years. As the head of the DIMBA institute, the doctorate philosopher works in a versatile and effective way for better office work.
Dr. Sven Horsmann
Editor-in-Chief, luxlumina lighting architecture
Dr. Sven Horsmann has been lighting architect and editor-in-chief of luxlumina lighting architecture for over 15 years. His work focuses on lighting concepts for crowd working spaces and office buildings. In particular, it is about how efficiently lighting plans were implemented and what healthy aspects of light were taken into account. As a book author and speaker he appears at conferences and congresses.
Peter Schäfer
Senior Designer, Gensler
Peter Schäfer has worked with Gensler in Europe, the U.S. and China to deliver successful workplaces around the world. As a trained architect and an accomplished designer, Peter has an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and best practices acquired in complex, often large scale projects in architecture and interior design.
Prof. Rudolf Schricker
Interior Architect, Professor at Coburg University
Rudolf Schricker has worked as a freelance interior architect and designer since 1984. In 2002 he became Professor for Design and Construction at the Interior Design/Interior Architecture program of Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He was president of bdia – bund deutscher innenarchitekten e.V. from 2007 to 2011.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Kohlert
Managing Director RBSGROUP
For over 30 years, Christine Kohlert’s work has been centered around the learning and working environments of the future, especially the interdependencies between space and organization. As Architect and Managing Director of RBSGroup Project Management GmbH she advises companies on spatial planning.
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