The CLAMP partition wall system creates new spaces in places where they are needed.

Effective office work today is closely linked to activity-based working. Whether it’s a place of retreat for concentrated work, collaborative zones for efficient group work or social areas such as lounges or coffee kitchens for informal exchanges in between. All no problem with CLAMP. What’s more, the higher CLAMP versions allow room-like structures to be created.

Stick & Load is a flexible plug-in accessory for CLAMP elements. Various Stick & Load items can be flexibly plugged in or retrofitted at any time.

Product name CLAMP
Product type Mobile wall system
Measurements CLAMP is 130 mm thick. The elements are available in 5 standard widths and in heights from 1200 mm to 2200 mm.
Market launch September 2020
Place of manufacture Rhena (D)
Retail price from 669 EURO
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Am Palmberg 9
23923 Schönberg

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