By Interface Deutschland GmbH
Inspired by the Japanese Ikigai and the aesthetics of minimalism this floors give you the feeling of walking in nature.

Everyone knows how different it is to walk outside on forest floors or asphalt or indoors on old floorboards or natural stone. It goes without saying that the textile floor covering you choose for your working environment is also important. An interesting carpet based on 50 x 50 centimetre tiles is offered by the Embodied Beauty collection. Inspired by the Japanese Ikigai and the aesthetics of minimalism, seven product variants were created that are oriented towards a natural colour palette, including three CO2-negative carpet types that bind more CO2 than they emit from raw material extraction to sale. This is in line with the sustainability requirements of the customer spectrum, which wants to use a floor covering for its commercially used spaces in the office, hospitality, retail or education sectors that both feels good and can be easily harmonised with contemporary interior design due to its design concept and texture.

Product name Embodied Beauty
Product type flooring
Measurements 50 x 50 cm
Market launch March 24, 2021
Place of manufacture Scherpenzeel (NL)
Retail price The sale prize depends on the size of the project.
Interface Deutschland GmbH
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Girmesgath 5

47803 Krefeld (D)


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