Invisible, adaptable, light - this describes STÖBICH's New Work and new fire protection concepts very well.

STÖBICH fire and smoke protection curtains unfold or unroll automatically in case of fire; self-closing without external energy. At stairways, for example, the systems can close very large room openings. Another advantage is the possibility of invisible installation in false ceilings: The slim housings disappear visually for the observer and can be installed flexibly. In this way, the fire protection element is really only visible in the event of a fire and thus supports the open, light-flooded room design of the new working worlds.

Product name Fibershield
Product type Fire Curtain
Measurements individual
Market launch 2021
Place of manufacture Goslar (D)
Retail price individual
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STÖBICH Brandschutz

Pracherstieg 6
38644 Goslar

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