By GANTNER Electronic GmbH
Who does not know: it always depends on the detail!

And so, reflections on New Work, the new world of work and the new logistical scenarios of everyday office life also raise the question of small, special solutions. For example, in open-plan offices with rotating assigned workstations, in shared desks used only temporarily or in co-working spaces where you only rent a table for a few hours or a day – where to put your documents and personal utensils? Of course in individual lockers.

But who organizes this, who distributes the keys? One detail can block everything here – or even make everything possible, such as an electronic RFID cabinet lock. The non-contact system, which can also be used for lockers or storage cabinets, reports the visitor to and from a lock. It is managed centrally via PC.

Product name GAT NET.Lock System
Product type Electronic cabinet lock with contactless user identification, USB charging function and LED cabinet lighting.
Measurements 110 x 100 x 37 mm
Market launch Full version July 2021 (with optional central control terminal)
Place of manufacture Europe
Retail price System price converted to a cabinet about 100 euros per cabinet
GANTNER Electronic GmbH
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