By Wilkhahn
A good sitting possibility is key to a healthy back and concentration at the workspace. This product may help.

There is a lot of fundamental reading about sitting, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the manufacturers and their designers – for how we can position ourselves in our rooms, what suits us ergonomically, relieves us physically and of course also pleases us haptically and visually. This is not easy, especially in the workspace, since the primary concern here is to enable performance. Wilkhahn’s modular Insit bench system meets several functional requirements thanks to its enormous variety of models and features: As a stand-alone bench or as an Insit Screen, combined with simple rear walls, L-shaped fixed side walls or U-shaped screens, it can be used in a variety of ways – in open spaces, transit zones, foyers, waiting areas, etc. Insit can be set up separately, placed vis-à-vis to create a room or formed into seating landscapes. With its cover type and colour, it supports the interior design of the specific room situation and is easy to move, also due to the striking die-cast aluminium foot frames.

Product name Insit with Insit Screen
Product type Bench and shielding system
Measurements benches: 165 / 203 / 240 cm wide, 84 / 115cm height (seat height 45 cm) and 64 cm deep
Market launch 2019 (Insit) and 2021 (Insit Screen)
Place of manufacture Bad Münder (D), Poznan (PL)
Retail price Price examples: Insit two-seater, 165 cm wide, with Insit screen rear wall, from € 3,424 plus VAT. or enclosed meeting solution consisting of 2 Insit benches,, 165 cm wide, table 140 cm x 70 cm and Insit C-Screen from € 10,950 plus VAT.
Contact manufacturer

Fritz-Hahne-Strasse 8

31848 Bad Münder (D)


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