By GN Audio Germany GmbH
Since the pandemic, video conferences are more important than ever. This tool helps to communicate via screens.

Meetings and conferences are central forums for information and discourse in the world of education and work. Two things are particularly important here: a visualisation that can be easily grasped by all participants in the room and can be written to or controlled by the media used, as well as networking that makes it possible to simultaneously reach or record external participants in a hybrid collaboration. The Jabra PanaCast 50 is designed as a new-work video conferencing solution, ideal for medium-sized meeting rooms, huddle rooms but also classrooms or training rooms.

The intelligent video bar has a 180° field of view with panoramic view in 4K resolution that covers all those present. The video stream automatically focuses on the person speaking, if desired, which makes the meeting experience very lively. Other functions are Virtual Director or People Count, whiteboard content is transmitted to the connected participants in real time using sharing technology. Four loudspeakers in the room provide HD stereo acoustics.

Product name JABRA PANACAST 50
Product type Video bar for video conferences
Measurements 685mm x 167 mm x 130 mm (W x H x D)
Market launch April 2021
Place of manufacture Malaysia (developed in the USA and Denmark)
Retail price 1.267 €
GN Audio Germany GmbH
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Hochstraß Süd 7

83064 Raubling


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