klir by lichtwerk

By lichtwerk GmbH
Light for office and communication - The klir is an office luminaire with a new design approach, bringing together efficiency and perfect lighting technology with a floating design.

Sophisticated projects often require innovative, customised lighting concepts that cannot always be realised with standard products. Lichtwerk GmbH sees itself as a craftsman of light who, with flexibility, emotional flair and creative lateral thinking, realises concepts that clearly stand out from the uniform crowd.

The combination of extraordinary materials in conjunction with the minimalised housing dimensions of just 43 | 40 mm, makes them a real highlight at the workplace. The materiality is also unique and extraordinary: acrylic glass encloses aluminium.

Product name klir
Product type Luminaire
Measurements 2870 x40x43 mm
Market launch April 2022
Place of manufacture Königsberg, Deutschland
Retail price from 446,00,- EURO
lichtwerk GmbH
Contact manufacturer

lichtwerk GmbH

Hellinger Straße 3

97486 Königsberg


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