By Lindner Group
A space-creating workstation module, without connection to ceiling and floor and completely flexible in positioning.

A closer look at architectural spaces we use reveals that we involuntarily or consciously define zones for specific functions or uses on larger surfaces. A sophisticated solution for these indoor locations is offered by a room-in-room system that can be installed – regardless of the type of building – in large rooms or entrance areas of banks, shopping centres, hotels, educational institutions or airports, but especially in workspaces. The Lindner FLEXShell defines a flexibly adaptable and freely positionable working situation with controlled acoustics as well as visual calming. Thanks to its pavilion effect, it supports and promotes both: concentration and communication. The recyclable modular system made of aluminium profiles, glass and fabric can be configured and designed as desired thanks to different equipment components, which also contributes to the individualisation of workplaces and creates a new quality of environment.

Product name Lindner FLEXShell
Product type room-in-room system
Measurements 2,4 m x 2,2 m; height: 2,5 m
Market launch 12 June 2021
Place of manufacture Anstorf, Bavaria
Retail price from € 4,200
Lindner Group
Contact manufacturer

Bahnhofstraße 29

94424 Arnstorf (D)

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