LiveDivider PLUS

By Mobilane GmbH
Ideal for (open-plan) offices, waiting or meeting rooms: LiveDivider PLUS is a modular green room divider.

LiveDivider PLUS is a modular green room divider. In this unique system, modules with interchangeable plant cassettes can be stacked on top of each other as desired. This means more freedom to design a space flexibly and create a green environment for people. The room divider creates more privacy and distance, new walkways so that distance can be kept while maintaining the open character of the space. The plants increase the well-being of staff and guests.

Product name LiveDivider PLUS
Product type Utensils, Accessories
Measurements LiveDivider PLUS 1: 112 x 81 x 19 cm
LiveDivider PLUS 2: 112 x 131 x 19 cm
LiveDivider PLUS 3: 112 x 180.5 x 19 cm
Market launch 2021
Place of manufacture Netherlands
Retail price LiveDivider PLUS 1: from 1,775,- EURO // LiveDivider PLUS 2: from 2,475,- EURO // LiveDivider PLUS 3: from 3,177,- EURO
Mobilane GmbH
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