POINTS by Bene

By Bene GmbH
Individual partitioning and separation of office spaces has never been easier than with this mobile partitioning system - not to forget environmentally friendly.

The construction sector is responsible for almost half of the national waste generated in Germany. In 2019, 230 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste were generated. Buildings are responsible for 40 % of CO2 emissions. Decreasing rental periods for office space, as well as the demand for flexible office formats, currently dominate the market. Companies want to react agilely to changing conditions and thus the demand for plug-and-play models is increasing.

Bene’s new modular and space-creating system enables zoning of office landscapes – without fixed fixtures. POINTS by Bene creates lively and homely office landscapes that can be quickly adapted and reconfigured. A modular system that replaces interior fittings and can be used again in another building after relocations.

Product name POINTS by Bene
Product type Room zoning system
Measurements dependable
Market launch 2023
Place of manufacture Austria
Retail price depends on system
Bene GmbH
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Bene GmbH

Schwarzwiesenstraße 3
3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs


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