Warema Zetra Lamelle

By WAREMA Renkhoff SE
Light is essential for a workspace. But sometimes we need just a little bit of shade.

The subject of daylight is about the precise direction and controlled illumination of a room, as the light source shines in during the day in a wide variety of intensity, light colour and position. As positive as natural sunlight is for our vital functions, it can be problematic if it dazzles or heats up too much. Light-sensitive materials, but also the use of media on screens or projection screens screens or projection screens often require shielding, especially in the case of completely glazed exterior walls. Added to this is the modulation of the visibility of interior spaces or work zones. The solution is offered, for example system such as the Zetra slat from Warema, which due to its purist and light design, it is technically unproblematic and visually pleasing to integrate into the and visually pleasing to integrate into the facade structure. Due to the high-alloy aluminium, the slats, which can also be smartly controlled, prove to be very stable – the outdoor installation can withstand wind forces of up to 80 km/h – and still remain thin and slender with a great darkening effect, which means an optimised view in the horizontal position.

Product name Venetian blinds / Zetra Lamelle 80Z
Product type Sun protection
Measurements Order width: min. 600 mm, max. 4500 mm, order height: 4300 mm
Market launch 1 April 2021
Place of manufacture WAREMA Sonnenschutztechnik GmbH, Ostring 6, 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
Retail price depending on configuration and quantity
WAREMA Renkhoff SE
Contact manufacturer

Dillberg 14

97828 Marktheidenfeld


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