XIO 2.0 by Nowy Styl

By Nowy Styl
The height-adjustable desks and workbench workstations as well as mobile meeting tables offer possibilities for modern working.

A height-adjustable desk makes it possible to perform daily tasks while sitting or standing, as desired, so that the spine and neck muscles are relieved. The possibility of infinitely variable adjustment of the workstation height increases productivity and comfort. This ensures satisfaction in the office. This is precisely where Xio 2.0 provides support: the height-adjustable desk line is full of intelligent solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of employees.
XIO 2.0 combines form and function. The sit-stand workstation is the answer to different requirements.

Product name XIO 2.0
Product type Office furniture and equipment
Measurements Table tops (various options) from 800 x 1400 to 900 x 2000 mm
height adjustment (depending on mode) 1300 mm - for meeting tables: 1400 mm
Market launch February 2020
Place of manufacture Europe
Retail price From 1099 EURO // meeting table from 1654 EURO
Nowy Styl
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Nowy Styl

Jubatus-Allee 1
92263 Ebermannsdorf



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