AICL Communications

Design SAV Architecture Design
Location Mumbai, India
SAV Architecture has designed new Mumbai office interiors for consultancy AICL Communications. Knowing that creative thinking involves a lot of ‘fuzziness’, the large open plan layout was used as a starting point for laying out a series of overlapping, multi-use ‘fuzzy spaces’.

Fuzzy Spaces

Large events and everyday informal meet ups take place in the Café Living Library ‘Fuzzy Space’, which also has modular amphitheater seating adjacent to a lounge area where individuals and groups can create their own working environments as if in a café, a library, or on a living room sofa.  The double height library contains a large work desk that the graphic team, especially, uses for collaborative thinking and meetings with outside plug-in facilities. The double height Work Zone ‘Fuzzy Space’ provides long modular desks for up to seventy staff to work, collaborate and meet. With a magnetic surface, the flush cabinet storage to one side doubles as a focus point for sketching, checking prints and reviewing projects. The overall neutral palette is accented with a color gradient on the storage units and adjacent room doors, giving both a splash of fun and an identity to smaller areas within the whole. Surrounding these spaces is the Walk in the Park ‘Fuzzy Space’, a multifaceted green place, with outdoor tables, benches and plants. The wide fire exit passageway around the building’s perimeter has thus become a more public space, like a park, for eating, interaction, or simply resting.

Flexibility of Use

Conference and Meeting Pod ‘Fuzzy Zones’, together with the director rooms are located to the ends of the main space, affording quieter zones for presentations, video conferencing and director meet ups. The director rooms focus on calmness and serenity whilst remaining closely connected to the outside spaces. Glass partitions link the two conference rooms, the larger of which connects more fully with the living space via folding and sliding doors. This emphasizes the modular aspect of the overall design, allowing flexibility of use within the different spaces and zones as well as to accommodate subsequent growth in the company’s workforce.

ClientAICL Communications Limited
ArchitectsSAV Architecture Design
CompletionJune 2019
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m2550
Number of employees80
LightingArgos Arkaya
FlooringNeocrete Technologies
Workspace FurnitureAll furniture is fabricated
Conference FurnitureAll furniture is fabricated
Lounge FurnitureAll furniture is fabricated
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