AOK Baden-Württemberg

Design blocher partners
Location Ludwigsburg, Germany
Blocher Partners have turned a warehouse into a prototype workspace for AOK Baden-Württemberg. The offices reflect the guiding principle of the New Workspace by combining spatial flexibility with total freedom in design.

A Modern Office Concept

What is an innovative workspace? What is the impact of room size and climate, of lighting, acoustics, or ergonomic furnishings? Given that many people spend a large part of their day at work these are key questions, the answers to which influence a company’s performance and productivity. It is in the office space that creativity, concentration and dialogue come together. AOK, Baden-Württemberg’s largest health insurance provider, is firmly established in the healthcare sector and is committed to maintaining a future-oriented, employee-friendly working environment. The goal is to achieve an office that both avoids stress at the workplace and promotes balance. Closeness to nature is emphasized by integrating natural elements in the working environment, thus contributing to staff well-being. With this in mind the interior design concept of Blocher Partners blends communication, exchange and privacy, allowing interaction between work, conversation and networking. Utilizing movement, open and private spaces, employees are thus in an ever-changing environment, being able to re-structure their working environment anew each day.

Different Zones for Different Needs

With its generous glass façade, the light-flooded AOK floor has objects, materials, colors and shapes that reflect the natural world, be they green carpets, hanging plants or wall coverings of wood and cardboard tubing.  An orientation system developed in cooperation with the communication agency Typenraum, a sister company of Blocher Partners, enables employees to use their workspace more intuitively. The concept is based on the division into project groups. In addition to permanent workplaces there are open, creative zones and relaxation spaces. Meeting rooms with flexible wall elements can be used for private discussions or open workshops, whilst so-called Moving Spaces with large adjustable whiteboards create environments for brainstorming. Colleagues can meet to exchange ideas in the open dining area between workstations and they can recharge their batteries in a zone for health and exercise. The Blocher Partners interior designers have also created a forest of discovery: a retreat surrounded by dense greenery. In order to make the mobile workspace as uncomplicated as possible, the Blocher Partners product designers designed a toolbox that functions as an individual storage system, replacing the traditional briefcase. There are lockers for toolboxes and office supplies alongside the entry hall. Seen as a test space for trying out new working environments, the project house is a work in progress. The goal is to develop the optimal working environment of tomorrow and for adaptation into other project houses.

ClientAOK Baden-Württemberg
Architectsblocher partners
CompletionMay 2019
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m21.473
Number of employees50
LightingArtemide | Waldmann | XAL | Karman
FlooringInterface | Carpet Concept | Object Carpet
AcousticsCAPAROL Farben Lacke Bautenschutz | Ecophon | M&K Filze
Workspace FurnitureVitra | König + Neurath | Wilkhahn | Koleksiyon | Interstuhl | Ophelis | Lintex | Sigel | Bene | LaPalma
Conference FurnitureSträhle Raum-Systeme | Bene Büromöbel | König + Neurath | Vitra | Carpet Concept | Wilkhahn
Lounge Furniture-
GreeneryPlanning: Phyllis Plant Installations | Execution: Beiermeister GmbH
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