Work culture in white-blue

Design iam interior.architects.munich
Location Munich, Germany
The play with the Bavarian cliché was implemented in this office landscape with various loving details in the design.

An American in Munich

Why not integrate a little local colour when a US company chooses the clichéd location of Munich? Consequently, Bavarian motifs are found at prominent vantage points: large-scale Munich photos, humorous Lüftl painting, a sound-absorbing deep blue tapestry and pictures of surfers that winkingly recall the local Eisbach surfers. A historic BMW motorbike with sidecar, also blue, functions as an agilely mobile and dynamic means of transport quite in the sense of a symbolically meant attractor. Its black pedestal is located in the centrally positioned middle room of the U-shaped company floor next to the reception area.

The premises

From there, one enters a small planted courtyard that offers fresh air, a view of the modest greenery as well as relaxation on rocking chairs – more rocking chairs also hang inside and catch the eye there not only because of their brightly coloured signal colour.

The software developer’s workstations, which are distributed as tables of four or six on the surrounding open spaces, benefit from large windows on the outside of the storey and are accompanied on the inside by small functional supports to loosen things up. These are the aforementioned red swings for relaxing, self-contained think tank capsules or free-standing highback sofa islands. Concentrated conference rooms are located to the side and offer a quiet meeting atmosphere for 8 to 20 people.

Townhall Gaudi

The individual interior design, which was created with meticulous craftsmanship, expands the range of services offered to staff and guests, especially in the communicative centre, the communal area located in the right half of the floor, the so-called “Townhall”.

It was given an ergonomically balanced wide bench that connects to the kitchen bar in friendly blue tones. This is where staff catering, event space, meeting room and playground come together.

The designers ensured that Alteryx as an employer can combine professional seriousness and the desired brand identification with the personally appreciative and collectively experienced “fun” not only through their interior. If there is a big deal to celebrate, the motorbike horn is pressed, music plays and the disco ball starts moving.

"Meeting the demands of individual and creative design solutions, an exceptionally short construction period and an expressive tech company from Silicon Valley was a special and intensive task that produced creative solutions."
— Julia Schneider

What do you consider to be the supporting qualities of a good workplace?

Julia Schneider: For Alteryx, a globally active company, recognisability and local colour are crucial for a well-designed workplace. The Townhall in particular promotes the exchange between teams worldwide. Alteryx’s aspiration is designed workspace, because it creates appreciation towards the employees and identification with the company – an increasingly important aspect in the digital world.

Do you see any comparability in interior design for living and for working?

Alteryx allows for a twinkle in the eye when it comes to design. Irony, wit, vibrancy and colour, in line with the colourful corporate identity give the office space emotional quality in both common areas and the workplace. The workplace here is different from a living world, but here, too, both worlds have been increasingly mixed in recent years. Whereby the demands of the working world are usually also coupled with the company’s values, resulting in other qualities in function, workmanship and space requirements. Thus, the designed working world is ideally a cross-section of the company’s employees and the living world is a very individual place with privacy. A good office, however, also allows for privacy; at Alteryx, for example, the Huddle Room, designed entirely in pink, is a retreat for all employees.

Which material-related aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?

The CI of a company is becoming increasingly important for the orientation of globally active employees. And of course the topic of sustainability, recyclability and reuse, possibly also the downsizing of workspaces through the home office, will play a role in the design and material of the “new work world”.

ClientAlteryx Office
Architectsiam interior.architects.munich
CompletionOctober 2019
Project typeReconstruction/ Modernisation
Gross floor area m2600
Number of employees41
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

Floor Plans

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