Office with a Walkway

Design Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co KG
Location Essen, Germany
This office tower with individual uses presented the planners with special challenges in terms of modern working.

Contemporary room quality

Large multifunctional centres undergo updating refurbishment and conversion measures at certain intervals. In the Essen building presented here, a complex with a spacious ground floor plus a square tower element with six floors, this last took place in 2009. The recent interior design revision provided the centre with 6,000 square metres of usable space with a contemporary spatial quality and thus also created new offerings for our working world in the 21st century.

Stay and diversity

Special attention was paid to an increased quality of stay, differentiated workplace situations and diversity of appearance and materials. The main entrance to the multi-tenant building is via a two-storey hall equipped with a driveway, which accommodates lobby functions and provides access to an exhibition hall. From here, a varied, bent passageway develops to the left, the “walkway”, whose sides form the glazed fronts of various tenants – including the cafeteria, which is also frequented by the building’s users.

Boden, Wände, Fenster

Die neue Raumgestaltung dieser zentralen Verteiler- und Veranstaltungszone charakterisiert die weiße Wandung sowie eine schwarze Raumdecke mit abgehängten LED-Leuchten. Sie wurden – auch aus Gründen der Nachhaltigkeit – aus dem Bestand übernommen, was ebenso für Treppenaufgang und Bodenbelag gilt.

Die Büros verteilen sich entlang der Außenseiten der Turmgeschosse, die nach innen über ein lichtführendes Atrium verbunden sind, und auf der zweiten Etage des angrenzenden Flachdachtrakts. Mit großen Glasflächen besitzen sie zum Teil Fensteröffnungen mit reizvoller Blickbeziehung zur lebendigen Eingangshalle, was auch gleichzeitig die Nutzungsqualität des Gebäudes demonstriert.


In den Mittelzonen zwischen den Büros und entlang des Atriums im Turmgebäude wurden neben abgeschirmten Konferenz- und Besprechungsräumen viele gemeinschaftliche Begegnungs- und Aufenthaltsbereiche auf einem warmen Holzboden platziert. Sie erhielten eine detailreich ausgearbeitete individuelle Ortsqualität und farbig auflockerndes Mobiliar. Transluzente Trennmedien wie Glas oder Vorhänge unterstützen das Konzept der formalen Leichtigkeit und fördern die kommunikative Atmosphäre. Das Funktionsangebot wird ergänzt von „Work Areas“, einer Kaffeebar und einem „Playroom“.

"The origin of the building was a warehouse with shipping and workshops as well as an administration tower (...). Technical challenge of room acoustics and room climate with desired open structures. The employees should live in the building. Massage, playroom, recreation rooms and other facilities bring together the different types of employees, from nerds to accountants."
— Kitzig Interior Design GmbH

What do you consider to be the main qualities of a good workplace?

Viki Kitzig: The essential prerequisites for a good workplace are, in addition to the technical necessities and self-evident requirements, such as good acoustics, height-adjustable desks and chairs, for example, lighting that is suitable for the workplace. There should also be the right proximity or distance to colleagues. Depending on requirements and needs, there must be opportunities to be in different places in the working environment that have the qualities desired or required in each case: among other things, sitting areas for conversations or focused work in a closed-off room.

Do you see any comparability in room design for living and for working?

In principle, we spend more time at work than at home, so living criteria are also a measure for the working world: Subjective well-being has first priority, next to functionality. Of course, this is individual and must harmonise with the design interests of the employer.

Which material-related aspects do you consider to be the decisive ones in the future development of workspaces?

Durability and sustainability of surfaces, materials such as natural wood that can be reused again and again through reworking. I also like to use existing furniture and materials in new contexts, keyword: upcycling.

ArchitectsKitzig Interior Design GmbH
CompletionJanuary 2019
Project typeReconstruction
Gross floor area m29.000
Number of employees-
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
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