Business Lounge

Design sbp – Seel Bobsin
Location Hamburg, Germany
A flexible floor plan configuration accompanied by a specifically elaborated lighting design and a wallpaper that gives this workspace its frame.

Overall mood

A view of Hamburg’s Binnenalster is certainly one of the positive prerequisites for a good company location. 300 square meters, reputably located on Neuer Wall, were to be planned: In terms of corporate management, the aim was nothing less than to equip the work location with a quality that would offer the employees working there the feeling of being “at home.”

A working environment, a workspace, as it is conceived today, thus encompasses not only the pure office functions and the rooms and furniture that support them, but also the requirement of creating an atmospheric place. Consequently, productive processes are based on the one hand on the material infrastructure and at the same time are supported by an overall atmosphere. The design that sbp developed for Credion AG, which is active in the financial sector, is a striking illustration of this.

A sense of space

The basis is a multispace solution that makes it possible to respond to current needs as well as future developments and to take potential growth into account. In concrete terms, this meant setting up open and variably usable zoning as well as multifunctional places of retreat. An open-space zone contains individual workstations that allow concentrated and discrete activities thanks to acoustic shielding. A “social space” opens up the room for togetherness, whereby the special view of Hamburg’s urban space naturally also plays a role. The chosen, flexible floor plan configuration is accompanied by a specifically elaborated lighting design.

The feeling of space, which was very important to the clients, was developed by the planners with emphasis on the quality of materials and aesthetic warmth, which should embrace the stay of employees and customers. The color palette and finishes convey a high-quality coziness without limiting the necessary effective usability and multifunctionality of the office floor. Furniture and colors come to the fore in a calculated play, at other times they take a back seat. Large-scale plant motifs form a visually typical background as wall design at selected positions.

"Office feels like home - we see this project as a built prototype for a hybrid workspace with a high quality of stay and great identification value, which harmoniously combines the positive aspects of headquarters and home office."
— Gunnar Seel, Kim Marc Bobsin
ClientCredion AG
Architectssbp (Seel Bobsin Partnerschaftsgesellschaft kreativer Berater und Designer)
CompletionFebruary 2022
Project typeModification / Reconstruction
Gross floor area m2300
Number of employees-
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

Floor Plans

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