Crédit Agricole Italia

Design Frigerio Design Group
Location Parma, Italy
Maximizing green areas and minimizing the ecological footprint: The new ‘Green Life’ headquarters of Crédit-Agricole Italia respect the environment while focusing on the wellbeing of the workforce.

A good place to work

A large park is the green heart of the new HQ buildings of Crédit-Agricole Italia in Parma, Italy. The complex – generated from the geometry of the original settlement – is composed by three volumes. The two EcoUffici buildings are connected via the underground Forum, covered by a ‘green hill’. The Forum hosts a reception, a refreshment point and the new company restaurant, which can also be used as a meeting area. The offices have been designed to allow for flexible work arrangements, comprising of break and relaxation areas, a new auditorium, open-space offices, meeting rooms, personal lockers and a focus room. The green inner courtyards under the central pent roofs provide plenty of daylight. Altogether, the interior design by Frigerio Design Group communicates a corporate culture that regards the wellbeing of the workforce as a core value and a powerful growth factor.

Energy and resource-efficient

As the name suggests, the ‘Green Life’ HQ aim to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the ecological footprint. In 2019, the complex gained a LEED Platinum certification. The energy required comes from renewable sources while materials are durable and recyclable. The geothermal heating and cooling system with natural night-time cooling of the offices and the use of grey water further contribute to achieving sustainability. For the various interiors, the project introduces the concept of ‘sensory comfort’, the optimization of the quality of the spaces in hygrothermal, acoustic and lighting engineering terms. The high indoor environmental quality further enhances happiness and productivity of staff. Finally, the ‘Arboretum Crédit Agricole’ Park is there for all employees to use and enjoy. With over 500 new trees and thousands of shrubs and flowers, it creates a pleasant micro-climate, especially during the summer months.

ClientCrédit Agricole Italia
ArchitectsFrigerio Design Group
CompletionMarch 2018
SectorBanking, Insurance
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m2135000
Number of employees1600
LightingZumtobel | Guzzini
FlooringSchneider Electric | Odorizzi | Marazzi
AcousticsLindner Group
Workspace FurnitureUnifor | Knoll | Truedesign srl | Dauphin | Bene | Bruno Pedroni | Segis | Pedrali | Arper | Fantoni | Silentgliss | Citterio | Aresline | Arredouno | Blastation
Conference FurnitureTruedesign srl
Lounge Furniture-
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