Design SSP AG
Location Aachen, Germany

The fourth force

Journalistic media such as newspapers and portals form the so-called fourth estate in a democracy; they are an indispensable part of a democratic and free society. The companies involved therefore bear great responsibility and are also very interesting employers due to their diverse field of activity, the creative impulses that work within them and their anchoring in everyday life. Aachener Verlagsgesellschaft, which recently had a new media campus designed by the planning office SSP AG, is clearly one of them. The modernist, elegant building offers ample space for 250 employees on four upper floors with 3,395 square metres of office space. Its ribbon windows allow a high proportion of openings and, in combination with the light-coloured brick façade and clear exposed concrete aesthetics, demonstrate transparency and clarity on the inside. The external solar shading ensures protection against heat and glare in summer, while the green roof of the compact building binds fine dust and stores rainwater.

Clear layout

So much for the architectural shell, which connects its high-quality outdoor area, the “Central Park”, with the printing buildings. Those who work inside will find logically structured space arrangements along the windows on the upper floors. In the centre axis of the floor, there is a continuous functional strip in which the access towers, toilets, meeting and retreat rooms are lined up. A Digital Addressable Lighting Interface is used for lighting management, which illuminates the required office zones both economically and effectively. The clear layout of the floor plans also applies to the lower ground floor, the centre quarter of which accommodates a spacious foyer to the west, which then continues into the building’s largest room, the forum, via two double doors. Here, the hall accommodates lecture seating, lounge furniture and temporary work facilities. It also provides access to the conference room on the left and two meeting areas on the right, which are adjoined by a large open office. The kitchen on the north side and the bistro on the west side are dedicated to catering.

"Seize the opportunity to establish sustainable building concepts in the construction and property sector that are economically viable and architecturally sophisticated."

What do you consider to be the key qualities of a good workplace?
SSP AG: Every user has an individual idea of the ideal workplace. Its key qualities include good room acoustics, sufficient daylight, an appropriate temperature (21 °C) and air quality as well as ergonomic, varied workplaces. In addition to well thought-out and collaboratively developed architecture and suitable materials (walls, floors, interior doors, furniture), greenery also helps to optimise the air quality in the office. Intelligent or smart technical building equipment can also make everyday working life considerably easier.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
We spend most of our time at home or at our workplace – two areas that are becoming increasingly intertwined nowadays due to the possibility of working from home. In both cases, it is important to feel completely comfortable in order to be as productive as possible while maintaining a good work-life balance. The aspect of sustainability is also an important component in both areas. This is particularly important in terms of materiality, space consumption and flexibility of use of the premises.
Which functional aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?
The sustainability aspects mentioned above can be expanded on in relation to this question. It is easier and more productive to work in a pleasant working atmosphere. The building design and the materials used to regulate the climate or acoustics play a decisive role here. In addition, the premises must flexibly adapt to modern requirements with workspaces and open-plan offices in order to ensure longevity. In some cases, smaller buildings that seal less space are possible thanks to the multiple use of workspaces through home offices.

ClientAachener Verlagsgesellschaft
ArchitectsSSP AG
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m25.930
Number of employees250
LightingECON Office Terra - Floor lamp; FOSCARINI Twiggy LED, design Marc Sander - curved floor lamp; NIMBUS Roxxane Leggera 101 CL - portable luminaire; XOOMINAIRE surface-mounted luminaires, LED; DALI track (Media Forum); Recessed linear luminaires; Emergency luminaires; Pendant luminaires, LED; Surface-mounted spotlights, LED; Recessed downlights, LED; Moisture-proof diffuser luminaires. LED, pendant; Recessed luminaires, LED
AcousticsCeiling sails (heating/cooling ceilings); Acoustic suspended ceilings (media forum); Baffles on the ceilings; ophelis nest absorber modules (acoustic partition walls at the desks)
Workspace FurnitureMUUTO Fibre Side Chair, Armchair, Bar Stool w Backrest and Lounge Chair; MUUTO Visu Chair / Wood Base, colour: black; MUUTO Soft Side Table, colour: Solid Smoked Oak / Black; MUUTO In Situ Modular Sofa; MUUTO Outline Studio Chair, Black base; PROFIM VOS200, Vancouver Oto VOS2, square cube stool; BENE PX.Popups, pop-up stool PARCS; BENE NOOXS Think Tank (single, 3-seater, 4-seater); BENE PARCS Cylinder coffee table, basalt MDF; SOFTLINE SITT beanbag; VITRA EM Table, natural oak / base: black; VITRA Standard SP chair, jet black; VITRA Moca four-legged chair, dark oak, base: black; VITRA Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR, colour: black; VITRA Alcove Work Highback, plus sofa and screen; VITRA Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR, base and cover: black, shell: light grey; SOVET Flute Table, round table with column base, oak, frame: black lacquered; HAY AAL 81 Lounge Chair, swivel base, colour: black; BLOMUS Fera side tables, colour: black; AUDO COPENHAGEN Menu NoNo side table, dark green/glass, base: black; SEDUS open mind swivel chair, colour: black; BRUNNER TEAM mobile partition wall system; OPHELIS docks; OPHELIS Z series, conference tables; OPHELIS glider, cupboard elements; CAIMI SOCRATE library shelving; MSM wooden shell chair 3312, colour: black
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Lounge Furniture-
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