Futuristic room structure

Design Jung und Klemke Architektur und Innenarchitektur
Location , Germany
May the workspace be with us - and be as carefully planned and well designed as this project.

Futuristic touch

It’s not the “infinite reaches of space,” but it is an industrial site in Giessen. Unfortunately, reality cannot compete with science fiction, but architects and interior designers are sometimes able to design places and spaces in a way that is almost as effective as the famous film sets. In our context, however, it must always be fundamentally about a productive and high-quality working environment. The “Hydroflex” project could be exemplary for this.

One enters an expressive two-story new building with a pointed cantilevered upper floor and finds oneself in an interior designed by Jung and Klemke – designed for a supplier and manufacturer of cleanroom cleaning systems. The company attached importance to reflecting its work performance placed in highly complex production and research facilities also in its spatial appearance. Coordinated with corporate design and corporate identity as well as the receiving building structure, an office world was consequently created that shapes a very specific stylistic language and discourse-promoting atmosphere. Exposed concrete and the omnipresent combination of black and white are the main parameters of the design, cleverly chosen among other things to provide an ideal background for the company’s colorful product range in the show and presentation areas.

Black and white

The user quality of the workspace, whose offices are mainly located on the upper floor, is due in no small part to the spatial variety, even tension-generating routing, supported by light strips installed on the black ceiling like angular lines of lightning. A sovereign space-creating play is created by them, but also by the composition of white surfaces and black backgrounds.

In order to get the acoustics under control, especially in the numerous areas deliberately kept open for communication and collaboration as well as events, specifically placed elements such as ceiling sails or vertical, movable acoustic panels were used; the well thought-out zoning supports the goal of a low-noise environment. The overall very controlled design of the room is then also due to their successful combination with furniture and lighting design. It is even a little futuristic, especially when you use the integrated high-end hi-fi and media technology or beam yourself back to your workstation from the cool conference table at what feels like the speed of light.

"Consistent reduction with a view to the essentials."
— Jung und Klemke Architektur

What do you consider to be the supporting qualities of a good workplace?

Yvonne Klemke: In addition to the identity and reflection of the company values in the interior design, light, acoustics and system functionality are cornerstones of good planning. Only when the basic needs for a formally functional workplace have been satisfied can creative interior design take effect.

Do you see any comparisons in room design for living and for working?

Definitely – there are the same zonings: private, semi-public and public. Through the pandemic, many workers have learned the pros and cons of the home office, and we as designers are now trying to translate the identified benefits into the office world of today. Livability is a big aspect here.

Which material-related aspects do you consider to be the most decisive in the future development of workspaces?

Resource-conserving planning – sustainability in the use of materials and space. This includes innovative materials made from recycled materials, sustainably produced building materials and furnishings – but also the preservation of existing buildings during conversion and efficient use of the available space. The social responsibility to treat our environment and the resources available to us with care should also be reflected in the future working environment.

ClientHydroflex Group GmbH
ArchitectsJung und Klemke Architektur und Innenarchitektur GmbH
CompletionOctober 2021
Project typeNew Building
Gross floor area m211.000
Number of employees50
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
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