Interieur with hall

Design lynx architecture
Location Munich, Germany
This projects presents itself not just with a distinct feeling on how to communicate, but also with a thought-through architecture.

Communication is key

Especially in the planning and implementation of new office and working environments, close cooperation between clients, or users, and designers is of prime importance. For the optimal furnishing of the respective required functional spaces and activity zones, it is necessary to exchange information about the internal processes and current work scenarios on the one hand and – on the part of the architects – about the structural possibilities and specific service offers of the furniture on the other.


For the KMS TEAM and lynx architecture, this created suitable synergies, since the client, a strategy and design agency in Munich, is already inherently involved with corporate identity, design systems and brand management.
The converted upper floor, originally used as a warehouse, is shaped like an obtuse angle and consists of two wings whose ends abut other buildings. It offers 1,430 square metres of usable space, on which 85 stationary workstations are distributed.

The view from the beautifully proportioned windows flows into treetops, bringing a fresh green glow to the loft-like cool premises. Due to the decision to expose and formally purify the concrete structure, the architects created a technoid aesthetic that – in combination with light-coloured floors and a light to dark grey interior style – created exactly the ambience the agency was looking for itself and its clients: a rational resonance space for diverse, creative concepts.

The halls

Those entering first pass through a dark, sound-absorbing tunnel passage, which acts as a neutralising threshold. This is followed by a deliberately light-flooded entrance. It functions as a reception and distributor to the back-office area and the conference rooms.

Covered by the concrete coffered ceiling visible everywhere, the “great hall” in which the teams work extends in the long wing. Its area, accessed via an office boulevard, is organised into an open office with long tables and standing desks placed in between, glazed, soundproof meeting boxes and three lounges by the window. The adjoining “small hall”, which is entered through a black glass cube, serves as an event and communication area. It is combined with important infrastructure: a kitchen, toilets and an all-black foosball room.

"The team spirit was present throughout all phases of this project. From the design to the construction site to the inauguration everyone pulled together. In this sense it was not only possible to expand the space in the shortest possible time but it was also real fun for us."
— Dirk Härle, Project Manager lynx architecture

What are the supporting qualities of a good workplace for you?

KMS TEAM: The infrastructure is just as important as the inspiration conveyed by the architecture. Whereby light and acoustics are not only important for concentration and efficiency, but also create a positive atmosphere.

Do you see any comparability in interior design for living and for working?

What applies to living also applies to the workplace. Despite digital working, the social functions of an office, personal contact and exchange in a group are important. Creative, cross-team work alone in a home office is not effective.

Which functional aspects are decisive for you in the future development of workspaces?

Employees appreciate the “home” of a fixed place in the team, but also the change to other places temporarily. Informal zones, also outdoors, can make workspaces more attractive. space.

ClientKMS Team GmbH
Architectslynx architecture
CompletionFebruary 2019
Project typeReconstruction/ Modernisation
Gross floor area m21.549
Number of employees80
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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