Mozilla German Headquarters

Design de Winder Architekten
Location Berlin, Germany
Mozilla’s German headquarters occupies three floors of a former factory in Berlin – a multifunctional and varied, yet stylistically coherent workspace with an element of surprise.

Mozilla’s Berlin home

An old factory building on the banks of the river Spree is home to the German HQ of California-based software company Mozilla. The 3rd and 4th floors were transformed into office spaces in 2017, followed by the 6th floor in 2018, both times under the aegis of de Winder Architekten. The all-black entrance zone on the 4th floor is meant to set the visitor’s mind to ‘zero’ before entering the office. The floor hosts five open spaces as well as phonebooths and video conferencing rooms for international communication. A representative internal staircase leads down to the 3rd floor, with two more open spaces, the staff kitchen, a multifunctional event space and additional areas for collaborating with the external Mozilla community. The open spaces are located along the north façade with indirect daylight, whereas the phonebooths and video conferencing rooms are positioned further inside.

Stunning views and a bit of fun

The clean grey-white design of the workplace areas with a natural wood wool ceiling paneling is complemented by vertically rotating wooden slats. Thanks to their specific surface treatment, these serve as both room dividers and sound-absorbing elements. A blue-clad face-to-face box with two cabins located within the open space offers a setting for confidential discussions. The spacious kitchen on the 3rd floor boasts a view over the river and the surrounding cityscape; a built-in black steel frame with wood paneling, hanging lamps with wooden frames and upholstered furniture in warm colors provide a welcoming atmosphere. On the 6th floor, the existing structure was largely preserved. Besides more open office spaces, lounge areas, meeting and video rooms, there’s a ping-pong table, table soccer and a bicycle garage complete with its own repair shop. At the heart of the new floor is the spacious, newly installed sky lounge with a glazed skylight, which allows a wide view over the city.

ClientMozilla Denmark GmbH
Architectsde Winder Architekten
CompletionNovember 2018
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m22,150
Number of employees90
LightingSelux, SX 14-M011-420/06 Kju Square | Prolicht Hangover EncapsuLitte 1250mm, 15 W und 1900lm | Muuto E27
FlooringInterface – Compsure | Object Carpet – Silky Seal 1200 | Urbanara – Aravalli | Kinnasand – Aram
AcousticsWall/ceiling/floor of video booths: Object Carpet – Silky Seal 1200
Workspace FurnitureTable: Palmberg – eastside; chairs: Giroflex | Stacking tables: Kusch+Co – Delgado | Bar stools: Coordination – Thread | Desk chairs: Giroflex 313; fabric Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 2 | Table: Kusch+Co – M-Pur Table | Chairs: Herman Miller – Embody Chair | Desks: Kusch+Co – M-Pur Table | Whiteboard walls: Milacor
Conference FurnitureStacking tables: Kusch+Co – Delgado | Stackable chairs: Steelcase – Eastside; fabric Kvadrat Remix | Chairs: Giroflex 313; fabric Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 2
Lounge FurnitureChairs: Norr11 – NY11 Dining | Side tables: Pols Potten – Tam Tam | Cork stools: Vitra – Cork Family | Office chairs: Herman Miller – Embody Chair | Easy chairs: Offecct – Ezy low; fabric Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 2
TechnologyAruba – 220 Series
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