Office Reconstruction Project

Design Caramel architekten
Location Herzogenaurach, Germany
An iconic German sportswear manufacturer sought to implement a new concept for parts of its Headquarters in the town of Herzogenaurach, Germany, home to around 2,300 employees. Caramel architects from Vienna developed new spatial modules while making sure to retain most of the existing furniture.

A New Structure

In particular, the company aimed to provide more structure to areas where people work directly with products, including designated spaces for designing, presenting and storing apparel.To kick-start the project, Viennese architects Caramel embarked on an intense discourse with the company’s change management team and workforce via questionnaires, interviews and design thinking workshops. The architects thus developed a solution that didn’t require any major structural work, instead coming up with highly adaptable new spatial modules whilst all existing furniture, along with the glass partitions, were re-used to ensure sustainability.

Leave your Traces

In a major step the idea of fixed desks for everyone was abolished, especially as barely 80 per cent of employees are present at their designated workplace at any given time. This freed up much-needed space to be used for meetings – there are now 300 meeting opportunities compared with 50 previously. All workplaces were moved to the window front, while glass walls were transferred to the inside of the space. Here, flexible modules, like the maker table, the collaboration table or the focus box, now offer custom-made work stations. All new elements were built from natural or recycled materials, whose surfaces can be used in a variety of ways (‘pin it, peg it, draw on it, put your magnets on, leave your traces’). Their rough, low-tech materiality provides a stimulating contrast to the high-tech materials and technologies of the products that are designed here.

ArchitectsCaramel architekten
CompletionDecember 2019
SectorSporting goods manufacturer
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m230.000
Number of employees2.200
FlooringFa. Knoblauch | Kasthal Carpets
AcousticsFa. Knoblauch | Buzzi Filz | design Filz | Gerriets GmbH | Kasthal Carpets
Workspace FurnitureIkea tables | Febrü | Fa. Knoblauch | Corian | Nora Plan Kautschuck
Conference FurnitureFa. Knoblauch
Lounge Furniture-
TechnologyHarald Sinn IT
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