Oval Dynamic

Design Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co KG
Location Verl, Germany
Four ovals - a design motive is surely one of the best ways for architects and clients alike to make a new space distinctive.

Four times oval

To quickly get into this Best Workspace, it’s a good idea to take a look at the floor plan. You can see immediately why: there are four ovals that attract everyone’s attention. Such a design motive is actually always the best way for architects and clients alike to make a new space distinctive. Be it the landmark quality of a large building or a very specially designed solution in the interior. But what is the case here? The client is the financial services provider Riverty Group. The Verl location was handed over as one of many branches in 20 countries to the planners of Kitzig Design Studios, who approached the existing building with the task of designing a contemporary New Work environment on the upper floor.

The advantage of the F-shaped floor plan to be planned for this floor is, on the one hand, that it is equipped with four evenly distributed staircases, with the main access additionally combined with an elevator. On the other hand, thanks to the shallow depth of the floor, all work zones receive daylight and, thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, also refreshing views. The treetops have grown to just the right height to offer a green screen in front of the windows.

Without restraint and barriers to thinking

Quadruple workstations in the open space alternate with individual offices, separated in part by softly rounded glass walls and placed at the quieter end sides of the short wings. Glazed group and conference rooms and classic open space workstations as well as open meeting zones complete the space portfolio. Users moving along a darkly carpeted traffic route will quickly become accustomed to the three creative spaces provided, each of which has a tiered bench seat and, like a small arena, supports both the quick impulse approach and a longer information lecture in terms of atmosphere and ergonomics. A relaxed seating position is quickly found, everyone moves together in an unconventional way, and barriers to thinking or restraint are removed correspondingly easily – the interior makes it possible.

The implemented concept of desk sharing also contributes to vital work. The four oval cylinder cabins, which are assigned to each other as a pair and have a boat-like floor plan, are real attractors, with two telephone boxes on the outside and a small conversation room in the middle.

"Our goal was to create a mixture of open and closed areas, where there are optimal conditions for each activity. A working landscape consisting of zoned areas and flexible furniture was designed and, through the use of glass elements, became a place that simultaneously promotes a sense of belonging and increases efficiency."
— Olaf Kitzig

As a designer, how would you define the term “New Work” briefly and succinctly?

Kitzig Design Studios: For us, New Work means flexible and communicative work in the community and in an open and inspiring environment. Multifunctional elements create a combination of open communication areas and separate places of retreat.

There is currently a lot of talk about sustainability: Do you have a basic approach to this?

Good advance planning is necessary for sustainable and responsible interior design. Even though the trend towards sustainability is becoming stronger, we are still far from reaching our goal.

Is it possible to respond to the home office trend in office design, or should there be a clear separation between private and office interiors?

As home office becomes more and more important for employees, this should also be reflected in the office interior. Flexible working in the form of desk sharing and mobile elements, as well as alternative seating and working options, can be implemented in the office in terms of design and functionality. The choice of materials also makes it possible to address the issues of safety and hygiene more effectively.

ClientRiverty Group GmbH
ArchitectsKitzig Design Studios
CompletionFebruary 2022
Project typeModification / Reconstruction
Gross floor area m21.600
Number of employees4.500
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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