Productive Ambience

Design Ott Architekten Partnerschaft mbB
Location landsberg am Lech, Germany
The Vespa is humming here: This workspace for SIP Scootershop is an ode to the little Italian scooter.

The newly constructed building of the SIP Scootershop is characterised by its coherent overall design, which gathers different functions in a closed large form. The entrance floor of the southern wing houses the flagship store, an Italian bistro, a workshop and a photo studio. The staff changing rooms and social rooms for the entire workforce are also integrated here. The upper level is used as an office wing for the administration, which is deliberately placed in the immediate vicinity of sales and distribution. Spatially combined, there are workplaces as well as training and recreation areas, supplemented by a communal kitchen and a lounge. To the side is the logistics hall, with a high-bay warehouse, a three-storey small parts warehouse and incoming and outgoing goods.

Controlled aesthetics

The architectural language of the overall concept combines visible functionality and controlled aesthetics: the efficiency-determined technology of the warehouse and the unclad concrete structure in the shop and administration areas on the one hand, and the building front, restrained with dark panels, including the excitingly protruding frames of the large windows on the other. Here, the striking corner motif with its seven-metre-high Corten steel slats is particularly eye-catching; behind it is a large glazed conference room. Not only the customers but also the employees benefit from an outdoor area connected to the bistro, which is suitable for lunch breaks, for short talks but also for company events.


The inner character of the place is determined by the leisure-oriented motif of the motor scooter, whereby the designers certainly took care of the dynamics of this small, likeable vehicle, according to a motto from the advertisement: “Vespa dà una svolta alle cose – Vespa gives things a twist”. Transferring this lifestyle into the working culture, as the entrepreneurs intended, succeeds through the direct connection to the customer areas, but in a certain way also through stimulating contrasts: vital diversity of the shop-gastro areas and calm, modular design of the administration above, free space plan and functional zones separated by glass walls, rough wall and ceiling material and warm-toned volumes of the office furniture made of oak wood. Individualising accents are set by wall prints, oriental carpets and industrial lighting.

"Wir sind Vespa-Fahrer aus Leidenschaft und lieben die Freiheit. Unser Wunsch an die Architekten: Ein funktionales Gebäude mit Herz und Charakter, das unser Lebensgefühl
in den Arbeitsalltag unseres Unternehmens transportiert."

What do you consider to be the supporting qualities of a good workplace?

Peter Greggenhofer, OTT ARCHITEKTEN: The raw materials and modular furnishings on the open floor plan make the entire SIP Scootershop office highly flexible and stylish. The open, spacious areas offer maximum transparency and succeed in fuelling internal communication within the team. Large window openings in the interior allow a relaxing view of the outdoors, while generous wooden window frames also create seating options for in-between with a view of the greenery.

Do you see any comparisons in interior design for living and for working?

The things you surround yourself with are an expression of your personal attitude to life – this is now just as true for everyday work as it is for our private lives. If I have a soft spot for technology and live an unconventional, free-spirited lifestyle, I won’t feel comfortable in a cramped office full of plastic furniture. At SIP Scootershop, we have translated the Vespa lifestyle of the whole team into a spatial experience with Corten steel, industrial lights, robust wooden joinery furniture and with vintage carpets.

Which functional aspects are decisive for you in the future development of the workspaces?

When half of the workforce is using a spatially flexible working model, space for meeting and exchange will become more important than ever before. The spatial character of a working environment must have a strong identity-forming effect if the concept of a “flex office” is to be successful in the long term. The art will be to transform brand identities into spatial experiences. This starts with the external appearance and ends with the design of the cafeteria. In the ideal case, everything is cast from a single mould.

ClientSIP Scootershop GmbH
Citylandsberg am Lech
ArchitectsOtt Architekten Partnerschaft mbB
CompletionNovember 2016
Project typeNew Buliding
Gross floor area m25.850
Number of employees-
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
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