Design pulsmacher GmbH
Location Ludwigsburg, Germany
Communications agency pulsmacher from Ludwigsburg, Germany, created their performance-enhancing yet welcoming offices to support the concept of New Work. The highly adaptable premises provide employees with a meaningful and identity-generating home.

A Place to Experiment
Where and by what means should a communications agency work today, meeting both the changing requirements of clients and employees and also the challenges of an increasingly diverse media landscape? To find out for themselves, agency pulsmacher, from Ludwigsburg, set up a temporary office in a vacant building – a place to explore the concept of New Work, of unbound working methods and open communication structures. It offered plenty of space for experiments: compact work areas, quiet retreat rooms, open creative and common zones, together with a wide range of possibilities for test set-ups, exhibitions, events and spontaneous actions. After eighteen months the experiment came to an end, the insights gained being incorporated into the planning of the new, permanent office, the so called neo.Office in the Berardi Areal in Ludwigsburg.

Everything is Neo!
Everything created there was the result of the agency’s own transformation process: transparency, flat hierarchies and strong employee participation. In addition, the focus was on absolute flexibility. In order to achieve this, no changes were made to the existing structure of the 9,890 sq. feet former pre-assembly hall. Instead, self-designed room elements consisting of scaffolding, storage shelves and mesh crates were used, allowing for dynamic growth and adaptation to different needs. For retreat, brainstorming or meetings the open-plan layout was clearly zoned to create characteristic places for communication, concentration, reflection, inspiration and expression. Three areas stand out in particular: a lounge with a library in the middle of a lush green ‘jungle’; the ‘festival area’ with a rooftop lounge for informal communication; and the ‘house-in-house’ in the middle of an ‘Ideas Garden’ for more intimate meetings. Each of these areas has its own color scheme and material bias. Neon yellows, pinks and greens combined with strong material contrasts reflect the agency’s motto of ‘Everything is neo!’.

Clientpulsmacher GmbH
Architectspulsmacher GmbH
CompletionSeptember 2018
SectorCommunications agency
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m2800
Number of employees35
LightingWere already there
FlooringFlooring was already there, Carpets from Object Carpet
Workspace Furnitureflexible, modular and sustainable furniture, self-designed
Conference FurnitureVitra
Lounge FurnitureVintage furniture, Vitra, self-designed furniture made from bakery boxes, modular and flexible
GreeneryMarket garden in Vaihingen
TechnologyBeamer, monitors, etc.
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