Harmony of the room

Design stephanie thatenhorst – interior
Location Munich, Germany
Tranquillity seems to be fundamental to this Munich project - not just formally but also with the work space atmosphere.

Sensitive design

How do you create such a balanced atmosphere as in this project through design means? For one thing, it requires a suitable location, as here, in a quiet side street despite its central inner-city location. And then a sensitive overall design is needed.

Two tenants, one space

In addition to the rather restless working atmosphere, which tends to be deadline- and action-driven in our time anyway, another challenge arose in the design of the premises, which consisted of a large, windowless foyer area with a toilet, a corridor with a final storage room and four rooms: They were to be used by two tenants. The functional requirements of the two tenants were also very different, as they were the exciting alliance of a real estate agency and a young cosmetics label, both of which attached importance to a high-quality, formally independent ambience for customers and products as well as a pleasant working atmosphere.

Stylish and atmospheric

The designers succeeded in creating a remarkably stylish and holistically tuned ensemble of spaces from a simple office situation, whose atmospheric intensity connects the workspace with people beyond the precisely furnished usability. One responds to the natural warmth of the detailed design and materiality. The light clay colour in particular contributes to this and has a noticeable influence on the room climate. In the entrance, sofas and armchairs create a feel-good atmosphere, accompanied by a slatted wall of narrow oak bars.

Soft, calm, refined

Cosmetic articles or information material can be displayed in wall-integrated, illuminated presentation boxes. A plainly designed anthracite-coloured metal kitchen and a zoning wooden counter complete the foyer. The work and meeting rooms radiate a quiet working atmosphere, the meeting room leads those present there into a concentrated exchange through its centrally placed round table with soft armchairs. Just like the wall colours, the lighting has also been finely tuned. It shines down warmly from the suspended round light panels.

"The naturalness of the interior design is intended to reflect the philosophy of the Huut cosmetics brand."
— Stephanie Thatenhorst

What do you consider to be the main qualities of a good workplace?

Stephanie Thatenhorst: A good workplace enables an inspiring working atmosphere in which employees can work in a focused manner. A good floor plan that creates space zones for retreat as well as for communication is crucial for this.

Do you see any comparability in room design for living and for working?

Creating a feel-good atmosphere is very crucial in both types of room planning. Concentrated, effective work is only possible in an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable and can come to rest. These are also aspects that characterise good living space design.

Which functional and material-related aspects are decisive for you in the future development of workspaces?

Different workspaces with different qualities should be offered – places for communication and exchange, places for more concentrated work as well as places for relaxed work. There must be space for retreat and dialogue.

ClientMallach & De Bay Immobilien GmbH
ArchitectsThatenhorst Interior GmbH
CompletionMarch 2021
Project typeModification / Reconstruction
Gross floor area m2165
Number of employees4
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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