Revitalisation with an Aquarium

Design seven elohim
Location München, Germany
The office combines elegant mid-century style with the 50-year-old historicism of the building, which is reflected in the triptych windows.

In the city center

It is not far from Stachus, which everyone in Munich knows, to the elongated green area of Maximiliansplatz. On its southern flank, a particularly beautiful townhouse stands out, the historic facade of which was recently renovated and the interior restructured by Gerlach Ulm Architekten. It was then possible to proceed with the revitalisation of the interior, which was handed over to seven elohim by the tenant of the commercial site – Neuplan GmbH. The primary focus of the interior fit-out was to respect and subtly revitalise the valuable aura of the former bank building, whereby in addition to the functionality of a contemporary new use, the focus was primarily on the materiality, as the spatial effect stands and falls with it. It is also responsible for the overall aesthetics and sustainability. Native woods, parquet and trowelled floors as well as fine, high-quality fabrics were used.


The interior design was planned in detail by seven elohim in order to fulfil their quality standards and the precise atmospheric concept. The same applies to the room acoustics. Here, too, there was a lack of suitable solutions, so the designers once again intervened innovatively: The acoustic elements were integrated into the furniture or their fronts were covered with upholstery fabrics. As the client had previously always used aquariums as a trademark in his offices, an aquarium was also integrated. Here, the underwater world acts as an eye-catcher and room divider for the entrance area. From here, an elaborate spiral staircase made of black steel installed in the building leads upwards to the first three floors. The pronounced angles of the roof truss on the 5th floor did not deter anyone during the planning phase. There is now an attractive canteen space here, which is also ideal for events of all kinds. PSLab developed the lighting concept for the property in close collaboration with the interior design office.

"How else?"

What do you consider to be the key qualities of a good workplace?
Florian Dressler: The defining qualities of an outstanding workplace are manifested in a clearly structured environment that creates a sense of harmony and order. At the same time, the aesthetic appeal, which inspires through the beauty and special, “real” feel of the materials, serves to enrich the mind and creates a cosy feeling that is reminiscent of the security of one’s own home. It is essential to maintain the principles of minimalism and clarity without losing sight of cosiness.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
Absolutely, nothing is worse than a sterile and unfeeling working environment. People need a cosy atmosphere in which they feel comfortable and in good hands in order to be able to work sensibly and productively. For this reason, we create a kind of second home with our designs for workspaces.
Which functional and material-related aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?
Although the trend is towards open-plan offices and desk-sharing, we are convinced that employees need fixed structures and order that offer them security and stability in these unstable times. That’s why we attach particular importance to ergonomic workstations and communal areas (depending on the size of the project), such as the gym or the canteen in our current project. In addition, high-quality and pleasant acoustics are of great importance in order to promote concentration and productivity. Furthermore, high-quality filtered water is an essential element in providing employees with the necessary resources. We have installed special filter systems in all our office projects, which also energise the water. In addition, we emphasise healthy lighting and avoid over-illuminated and monotonously lit rooms in order to promote the visual comfort and general well-being of employees. Natural and organic materials also play a crucial role, as they not only have a positive impact on aesthetics, but also on the health and well-being of employees. Overall, these aspects are crucial and help to ensure that the working environment is modern, productive and health-promoting.

Clientneuplan verwaltung GmbH
Architectsseven elohim
SectorProperty sector
Project typeModification/rebuilding
Gross floor area m22.500
Number of employees80
Workspace FurnitureCushioned surfaces with Loro Piana fabrics
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
TechnologyApple Computer
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