Roman Klis Design Headquarters

Design Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects
Location Herrenberg, Germany
‘The Maldives of Design’ are the new headquarters of Roman Klis Design in Herrenberg, Germany. In cooperation with Porsche Consulting, Ippolito Fleitz Group created a holistic interior concept that weaves together a human element with business objectives in a playful yet highly effective way.

A Holistic Approach to Workplace Happiness

The redesigned offices of the international branding agency Roman Klis Design are as much about corporate identity and beautiful design as they are about workforce performance: founder Roman Klis believes in the importance of thinking space and an appreciative leadership style, especially when it comes to creative endeavor. However, he says what counts in the end is a solid performance, an expectation very much in line with the company’s claim of ‘Creating Success’. To best support employees to achieve this success, Klis turned to behavioral science, namely to nudge theory – a concept that proposes positive reinforcement and subtle suggestions as ways to raise motivation and boost productivity. With very small interventions, employees are guided almost effortlessly towards working more effectively. These are all found in the new interior, which is strongly informed by the principals of nudge theory.

Thousands of Plants to Boost the Mood

The architects dramatically altered the ambience of the office without interfering with the existing structure. Much of this transformation comes from a psychologically thought-out use of color. Blue promotes both calmness and creativity, as can be seen in the strips mounted on the ceiling panels – an element that also creates spatial depth. Routes within the work zones are kept neutral in order to help with concentration, while pink walkways add a cheerful touch. Tropical wallpapers and thoughtfully placed water sources also contribute to this positive atmosphere. To further lower stress levels, the office is now home to thousands of green plants, with improved air quality and reduced ambient noise as an added bonus. The new workplace also enhances connectivity and interaction –by mixing sitting and standing spaces and adding clam-shaped meeting points, employees are able to freely circulate in an environment which promotes the exchange of ideas and information.Generally, much more space has been dedicated to communication, following an explicit wish of the employees. The new café on the upper floor offers an additional place for them to refuel and hatch fresh ideas.

ArchitectsIppolito Fleitz Group - Identity Architects
CompletionMay 2019
SectorDesign agency
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m22000
Number of employees115
LightingAll floors: architectural + decorative, pendant lighting element with task lighting and indirect lighting for plants, custom made; architectural, mini spot with earth spike for plant lighting, SLV, Nautilus small square | 1st / 2nd floor: architectural, adjustable downlight, recessed, Strutec | Meeting rooms: architectural, cove lighting (indirect), Barthelme, LEDlight flex; architectural + decorative, flat round pendant luminaire, SLV, Medo | Meeting areas: architectural + decorative, ring luminaires (existing), Sattler | Ground floor, 1st floor: architectural, linear lighting next to main beam / for traffic zones, Barthelme, Gargano | Stairs, Kitchen: architectural, adjustable spotlight for ceiling outlet / track, SLV, Helia 50 | Lobby (restaurant), meeting table 2nd floor: decorative, bow shaped pendant luminaire, Estiluz, Volta | Alcove ground floor / meeting room 2nd floor: decorative, pendant luminaire made of woven bamboo, Moooi, Emperor | Lobby: architectural, linear lighting / LED profile with opal cover, Barthelme, Catania 3030 | Winter garden: decorative, big lampshade made of fabric with color gradient, apartment 91, custom made | Winter garden: decorative, pendant bulbs of sockets E27, black textile cable, Philips, LED Gold
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
GreeneryGreen concept: G.K.R Germany GmbH, about 2100 plants were accommodated in the building
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