Design Drees & Sommer
Location Berlin, Germany
If there's one thing good designers are good at, it's inventing aesthetic worlds. And this is what the new rooms of ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG are - newly invented.

Technoid and futuristic

If there’s one thing good designers are good at, it’s inventing aesthetic worlds. And this is what the new rooms of ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG are – newly invented. However, the working world already gains flair from the building on whose second floor it moved in. The silvery terrace house designed by AHM Architekten with its elongated irregular polygonal floor plan is part of an exciting ensemble of four buildings owned by ANH itself.

The upper floor levels are surrounded by balconies made of galvanized sheet steel and gratings, accessible via floor-to-ceiling glazed sliding doors. The interior, which appears technoid with concrete visibility and functional objectivity, matches the futuristic architecture and provided the interior designers with a powerful basis for their interior design, which is characterized as a “play of colors, materials and reflections.” So what does it look like in detail?

The disposition of the floor plan – shaped like a small heptagonal club – is organized as follows: Along the elongated southwest side are the multiple desks in the open space, two double offices and two meeting rooms, one of which – the “Collaboration Space” – has a unique meeting table in the form of a black ring top with bar stools. Ergonomically, it’s a clever tactic for keeping discussions agile.

Fresh air

Acoustically activated telephone niches and open base areas with workbenches are distributed throughout. Fresh air is provided by a covered terrace on the west narrow side. Like the circulation and the restroom and service areas, part of the flowing space on the broad eastern flank faces the Spree River flowing directly past to the north. The marketplace established here serves as a “hub for informal meetings, can be used for eating, sitting together, as a forum and stage.”

The formal language of the interior between the rough concrete ceilings and terrazzo floors, however, is determined by the metallic shimmering, shining or reflecting materials as well as accentuating colors. Responsibility is also borne by the zoning and precisely detailed inlay walls. Last but not least, a Smart Score certification for digital real estate is a natural part of such a New Work world. An in-house app guarantees contemporary user comfort.

"What is interesting is what happens between the notes.it is something not predictable, something poetic -like a touch of Riviera."

As designers, how would you define the term “New Work” in a short and concise way?

Alexander Strub / Annette Schorr: For us, New Work means above all freedom of choice: whether between intuitively accessible shared spaces for collaboration, focus and refresh or between office, home office and other third places. And as much space as possible for collaborative use, exchange and chance.

Currently, there is a lot of talk about sustainability: Do you have a basic approach to this?

Sustainability starts with the choice of non-toxic materials and recyclable products. In a broader sense, it’s about responsibility – to the environment, to resources, and to the people who spend time in the buildings. Our goal is a healthy, activating indoor climate – the use of smart technology supports us in this.

Is it possible to respond to the home office trend in office design, or should there be a clear separation between private and office interiors?

The home should remain a private matter – and hopefully offer enough space for a desk and a monitor, not just for a laptop at the kitchen table. The office, on the other hand, becomes a filling station for identity: Nowhere else are corporate culture and brand experience more clearly expressed.

ClientANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG
ArchitectsDrees & Sommer SE
CompletionJune 2022
Project typeNew Buliding
Gross floor area m2830
Number of employees-
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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