Vector vGrow

Design Heller Designstudio + Partner
Location Stuttgart, Germany
“It shouldn’t look anything like an office”. This was the idea behind the new training rooms of a tech company in Stuttgart, Germany, for which creative studio Heller developed an inviting and stimulating space to encourage new ways of thinking.

Outside the Box

The client was looking for a new concept that would provide attendees with a spatial and sensual experience quite different from the usual office environment. Creative studio Heller, also based in Stuttgart, came up with the vGrow, a highly engaging space comprising both soft skills and software training rooms, together with design thinking areas. After entering, attendees walk through a gateway with yellow tentacles to encourage them to break free from established routines and old ways of thinking. The meandering corridor enables visitors to relate to the outside space and also floods the rooms with natural light. The path between the classrooms is multifunctional in itself, offering areas for informal group work, a kiosk and deliberate bottlenecks to encourage social interactions.

Safe, Green and Comfy

The architects aimed to provide the greatest possible comfort in the training rooms and to generate an atmosphere in which participants feel safe. The walls are shaped organically to create niches in the rooms, designed as areas of retreat and withdrawal. Wood and other natural materials feature throughout the vGrow, pleasantly accompanied by a variety of plants.

ClientVector Informatik GmbH
ArchitectsHeller Designstudio + Partner
CompletionFebruary 2020
Project typeModification/conversion
Gross floor area m2340
Number of employees1800
LightingLightnet GmbH, Matric | Lightnet GmbH, Midpoint | Planlicht, Lilibet
FlooringConica Flooring | Object Carpet Smoozy
AcousticsDecobel, Logan | Perforated wooden slats
Workspace FurnitureEnea, Lottus Chair | Actiu, Talent Table
Conference FurnitureLintex, ONE Mobile Flipchart | Lintex, ONE Whiteboard | Enea, Lottus Spin
Lounge FurnitureHay Tulou | Brunner, Ray Lounge
GreeneryPhyllis plantinstallations
TechnologyMicrosoft Surface
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