Welcome on Board

Design GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH Chairholder GmbH & Co. KG
Location Frankfurt am Main , Germany
This workspace has a clear theme. Located at Frankfurt Airport, it takes on the flair of its surroundings.

Welcome on board

Topographically, we are located in one of the most intensive transitory spaces that can be found in Germany – at Frankfurt Airport: a direct transport connection to the global market as well as an optimal position for personal contacts with our own employees or customers who have travelled from abroad.

The newly built office building of the construction and service company GOLDBECK in Gateway Gardens is located not far from the terminals and accommodates 200 employees. A multitude of functions are spread over 6,000 square metres, including reception and waiting areas, management rooms, numerous open office landscapes for presence work or mobile work, a cafeteria as well as conference and exhibition areas.

The 6th floor, which was designed as a multifunctional area, is presented here in particular. Linked to the international greeting of the flight personnel “Welcome on board”, it is subject to a scenography thematically oriented to the airport environment, which is shown, for example, in the graphic play with printed aircraft identifications.

Aircraft as a decorative element

In addition to the differentiated positioning of the wall absorbers, sound-absorbing ceiling sails in the form of aircraft wings are therefore also used in reference to the neighbouring runways. Room-high window fronts, an open technical ceiling and a warm wooden floor are convincing in the large-scale form of the cubature. Specific sensors distributed over the floors continuously feed intelligent building technology with scientifically evaluable data on occupancy, climate, acoustics or air quality and increase the quality of use.

Flexible working

The floor space is organised orthogonally and assigns a coordinated field of activity to the functions located there. This space compartment is either closed by light walls or can be temporarily separated from the open space by means of textile curtains.

The users have individual or co-working workplaces, there are lounge-like conversation islands and a kitchen bar. The latter and the overall aesthetics of the very airy workspace – with its carpets and selected designer furniture – contribute significantly to the desired feel-good atmosphere. Of course, this also includes the far-reaching view of the surrounding countryside.

"One thing is clear: we don't need fewer offices - we need different ones!"
— Michael Six, Managing Director GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH

What do you consider to be the supporting qualities of a good workplace?

Rolf Gerlach, Chairholder GmbH & Co. KG: In our view, there will no longer be a workplace in the conventional sense. Instead, there will be different types of space to implement the respective tasks in the best possible way. The modern workplace offers support in every way. Quality is expressed in the lighting architecture, the design. Subdued room acoustics, spaces for meeting and retreats – with eye contact opportunities if desired – create a workplace with a feel-good character and an IT world that simplifies complexity and is truly user-friendly.

Do you see any comparability in room design for living and for working?

Living and working, these two areas of life have moved towards each other in recent years anyway, even more, they have virtually grown together. A homely quality well mixed with functional aspects, intelligently brought into balance, increases well-being. The improved spatial quality of the workspaces promotes creativity and ultimately creates identity.

Which functional aspects are decisive for you in the future development of workspaces?

Above all, it’s about answering the question of what added value the office brings to the accomplishment of tasks. On the one hand, the office world must be an attractive meeting place that invites people to exchange ideas and promotes creativity, but at the same time it must also offer opportunities for retreat for concentrated activities.

ClientGOLDBECK Immobilien GmbH
CityFrankfurt am Main
ArchitectsGOLDBECK Südwest GmbH, Chairholder GmbH & Co. KG
CompletionMarch 2020
Project typeNew Buliding
Gross floor area m26.000
Number of employees170
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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