Design Studio Aisslinger
Location Wolfenbüttel, Germany
If you are looking for an impressive example of the connection between the world of brands and the world of work, you can't miss this project.

Linking brand and working world

If you are looking for an impressive example of the connection between the brand world and the working world, you can’t miss this project. And it is not without reason that the company’s own “Living the Brand – Spaces” team worked together with the interior designers from Studio Aisslinger on its design.

Two goals determined the conception: on the one hand, a product-typical and corporate-identity-affine atmosphere was to be created, for guests and customers as well as to revitalise the location in Wolfenbüttel, which is rather poor in events. That’s why the employees created a humorous and witty name for the location on the 3rd floor of the Jägermeister headquarters: “Wolfenbrooklyn”.

Beyond the boundaries

On the other hand, it was about an entrepreneurially valuable, new workspace that was to expand the office boundaries by means of a structurally open, extrovertly loosening up and target group-oriented action zone. A special kind of co-working space was created, which now combines the function of a reception lounge for the company in an emphatically relaxed way.

The imaginative, detailed and stagingly developed, versatile places within the area, which is extensively glazed towards the forecourt and the urban space, offer the employees the most varied user scenarios.

Brand identification

The planning intention of the floor plan and its interior follows a clear programme: “Wolfenbrooklyn” is intended to promote brand identification in a playful way, to lead the employees out of the concentrated routine of the desk into a new agility, to network them casually.

Through these newly created synergies, team building can also be generated intuitively – even recruiting young talent is possible. For this purpose, nine zones have been created, mostly with space-creating special furniture or light partition elements. The company colours appear everywhere – Jägermeister orange and a bottle green.

The bar

What is on offer? An almost clichéd bar situation dominates, surrounded by soft relaxation islands, a “Workshop & Panorama Island”, a large round sofa for chance encounters and tables as a co-working offer. There is also a music box, “Play & Sport Zone” or a green “Farming Lab”. Even cooking together is possible.

"This space will help us to work together in the teams in an even more visual, inspiring, transparent and interactive way, and last but not least, it will connect us in a completely new way. A milestone on the way to my vision of a true 'Brand Led Culture'. "
— Michael Volke, Chairman of the Executive Board Mast-Jägermeister SE

What are the supporting qualities of a good workplace for you?

Studio Aisslinger/Mast-Jägermeister: Studio Aisslinger recently worked primarily on the “Play Office”. The idea: In times when machines are increasingly superior to humans in terms of precise execution, reliability and resilience, creative creativity is becoming the most important human resource. Giving it new space is the most important challenge for workplace design today and in the years to come. It is about designing play space in which human creativity, stunted by everyday routines, rigid regulations and harsh prohibitions, can unfold again.

Do you see any comparability in designing space for living and for working?

Absolutely. In terms of design, working landscapes have come closer and closer to residential architecture and furnishings in recent years. Hardly anyone needs aseptic office blocks with rows of identical, schematic grey cubicals as workplaces shielded from each other. At the same time, private living spaces are increasingly becoming part-time workplaces. Accordingly, an infrastructure that enables home offices is also needed here. Fibre optics are helpful here, but they are not enough. This also goes into the interior design of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Which functional aspects are decisive for you in the future development of workspaces?

Functionally, the most important thing is that they provide different places for different forms of work. This includes the improved infrastructure for video calls and meetings, which was consciously planned from the beginning. It’s about rediscovering and revitalising analogue office spaces. There needs to be informal brainstorming corners, break-off units, for project-related exchange in small groups, but also individual places of retreat, such as the work capsules for undisturbed, concentrated processing of a thought, an idea. For this, there must be exchange areas with clients – pandemic-proof, of course.

ClientMast-Jägermeister SE
ArchitectsStudio Aisslinger
CompletionOctober 2019
SectorFood and beverage industry
Project typeModification / Reconstruction
Gross floor area m2595
Number of employees450
Workspace Furniture-
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-

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