Design SJB
Location Melbourne, Australia

human wellness

We are looking to Australia, or more precisely: to the historic Collingwood district in Melbourne. Those in the know will recognise this from the very narrow inner-city plot and perhaps also from the warehouse brick façade, which is by no means European in appearance. It belongs to a small factory from the early 20th century that has been preserved in the complex and lends the location, as well as the street view of the rather metropolitan complex, something typical. A shop window welcomes arrivals, while the side wall along the alleyway, restored in a “herringbone pattern”, provides an attractive setting for the mullioned windows on the ground floor. The actual SJB building, which was developed and implemented with 1,700 square metres of office space for the Zero Gipps concept, was created as a new building within the existing building, six storeys high, modern and characterised by an environmentally sensitive sustainability and human wellness principle. The declared aim is “to create a happy, forward-thinking workspace, bringing together people from diverse industries with shared values”.


The open-plan entrance with its atmospheric foyer and communication-friendly seating staircase is accessed from the side via a small alleyway. A conveniently accessible bicycle garage has also been integrated there to support alternative means of transport. The open staircase fills the centre floor plan area with its passers-by, flanked by the rental floors of the New Work Hub. On the roof terrace on the 4th floor, which is overlooked by two further floors, the industrial and commercial atmosphere changes in a very pleasant way: Here there are outdoor seating areas and a roof garden that benefits from Melbourne’s mild climate. The loft-like open-plan floors, each half a parcel deep, have very purist furnishings: kitchenette, two toilets. Externally, Zero Gipps is as accommodating as it is unconventional. The glass façades installed on the narrow sides of the towering building blocks contribute significantly to this with their reinterpretation of the type of industrial windows that tilt outwards.

"Zero Gipps exceeds Australian Best Practice guidelines for environmental performance, with the added benefit of reducing on-going costs. Good design is a building that works for its occupants. Every decision in the Zero Gipps design process was made to improve human health, wellbeing and happiness – improving worker productivity and staff retention."
ClientDARE Property
SectorProperty sector
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m22312
Number of employees-
LightingLED strip lighting, Micro Alu Profile, Inlinte Recessed LED Handrail Light, About Space Feature Pendant, Stalk Wall Opal Round 120mm, About Space Wall mounted street lights, Sphera Recessed External Up Light, Sphera Garden Uplight, Roslin Surface Mounted Downlight, Inlite
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