Energetic Green

Design Jung und Klemke Architektur und Innenarchitektur
Location Neu-Isenburg, Germany
The aesthetics of the interior combines technical coolness with elegant club style.

The chip

Just like the body cell, the chip stands for the smallest but fundamentally important component of an actively producing system. At Chip 1 Exchange’s new company location in Neu-Isenburg, the graphic depiction of a chip became the leitmotif, which is understandable as it is all about electronic components. The design office Jung & Klemke took on the redesign: While the rear part of the building complex houses a warehouse, combined with premises for laboratory activities and quality testing, the front, very narrow and elongated wing accommodates the management and all administrative departments. There is also a smaller subsidiary, seven meeting areas and a co-working area as well as a prestigious reception area. There is also a generously designed staff area with a communal kitchen, various lounges, quiet zones and a “Wii room” as well as a fully equipped fitness zone. This list alone signals the client’s intention not only to plan space-efficiently, but also to ensure an effective exchange of ideas among the workforce.


The architects defined the office ambience as cool, but at the same time informal and relaxed. The requirement for this was a well thought-out composition of open-plan workspaces, room dividers and meeting zones, which above all had to cope with the high action and noise level of telephone calls, both spatially and acoustically, without restricting teamwork and discourse. The clear internal arrangement of the workspace supported the linear and narrow architecture: the 120 workstations extend along the window front, while less frequented areas such as kitchens, rooms for short meetings or individual retreats are located in less well-lit zones. The decision in favour of dark floor coverings and partially black or untreated concrete ceilings conveys atmosphere. In contrast, the lighting and the room layout reflect the company’s corporate colour, an energetic green.

"Our success is evident when our customers feel a deep identification with their premises and the atmosphere there."

What do you consider to be the key qualities of a good workplace?
Yvonne Klemke: The design of the ideal workplace depends very much on the person who will be using it and the specific activities that are to be carried out there. Nowadays, professional tasks are so varied that there is no universal solution for everyone. A thorough analysis of the user and their individual needs is therefore crucial. The essential quality of a perfect workplace therefore lies in an in-depth analysis of the user’s requirements and preferences.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
Yes, there are similarities in terms of design! We always endeavour to give our office spaces a homely and unique atmosphere. Our aim is to create a home for all employees that reflects the face of the company. Nevertheless, the framework conditions differ considerably from residential planning. In the office world, planners have to pay more attention to guidelines, acoustics and lighting quality. As we plan for different people with different needs, wishes and expectations, we have to consider a wide range of requirements and integrate them into our planning.
Which functional aspects are the most important for you in the future development of workspaces?
Flexibility and customised solutions are our top priority. In recent years, we have seen rapid change in the world of work, and it is difficult to predict how this will develop in the future. It is therefore essential that every work environment offers a wide range of options so that it can be adapted quickly and individually. Whether it’s individual workstations, closed cubicles, meeting rooms for one, two or three people, quiet zones, open workshop areas or multifunctional spaces – they all need to offer room for development and growth.

ClientChip 1 Exchange GmbH & Co. KG
ArchitectsJung & Klemke GmbH
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m23180
Number of employees120
LightingZero lighting - Grid pendant light; RZB - Less is more 27 recessed ceiling luminaire / Triona surface-mounted luminaire; Pro Licht - Invader Short surface-mounted luminaire / Hypro 4o pendant luminaire / Invader Compact recessed luminaire / Glorious Slim pendant luminaire / Clicktrack 30 surface-mounted system / Minimal Track surface-mounted system / Hypro-F free-standing luminaire / Hypro customised surface-mounted luminaire / Oiko Pro recessed luminaire / Sign recessed luminaire; Nordlux - Alton pendant luminaire; Stelios Design - Special reception light
FlooringKvadrat - Braid carpet
AcousticsWoodUpp - Acoustic panels wall panelling; Späh - designed Acoustic wall panelling; Impact Acoustic - suspended room divider / ceiling panel
Workspace FurnitureVario - Stage SX work tables / Conclusion work tables / M1 high table / M1 storage furniture; Vitra - Joyn Workbench / Physix Chair / Visiona Stool / Wire Chair / Soft Pad Chair / Trim ID Chair; Hay - Revolver bar stool / Slit side table / New Order shelf / Can armchair/Mags sofa; Zeitraum - M11 table / Bar stool / E8 bench / 1.3 stool; Pedrali - Tribeca Lounge Chair / Nolita Side Table; Arper - Catifa 60 Lounge Chair; Freifrau - Leyla bar stool
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
GreeneryFerm Living - Hourglass s,m,l flower pot
TechnologyViewSonic - CDE8620 86 inch screen / IFP9850-3 98 inch screen; Barco - CX 30 ClickShare / biamp - Parlé VBC 2500 Soundbar / Parlé TCM-X Ceiling Microphone; Reserva - Edge room booking system; Vaddio - IntelliShot ePTZ camera; Samsung - QLED 4k GQ75Q74B Screen
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