Design CSMM – architecture matters
Location München, Germany

Open space concept

It goes without saying that a FitTech company called Freeletics also wants to showcase its field of activity at its location. Nothing could be simpler, one would have to say, as it involves a very typical element of our everyday lives: recreational sport, fitness training. Both are the ideal, tension-relieving and health-promoting addition to an office environment. As the planning office, CSSM developed a concept in dialogue with the client that integrates a diverse range of facilities over an area of 6,570 square metres: Collaboration areas are mixed with places of retreat, special lecture zones are provided and there are rooms for informal meetings as well as for popular socialising. This large-scale open-space concept extends over four floors and is crowned by a 360 square metre terrace on the 6th floor on the roof of the building.

Work Out

But what about the fitness principle? It is not uncommon for employees to meet up at 7 a.m. for a workout, as sports areas are also part of the interior’s portfolio. After warming up – whether it’s a bike ride to the office or a lively meeting – they head to the 35-metre indoor running track or the fitness area for a workout – what a fitting play on words for a workspace! The roof terrace offers another 25-metre sprint track and an open-air calisthenics training area – better than any city gym. The basis for this successful working environment was not without reason the discussion held in advance with the company employees, the future users, during which it became clear that there is a team spirit that is responsible for the company’s energising culture. A large communal kitchen, which the planners describe as the “social heart” of the building, now enables the desired communal breakfast and lunch. While collaborative work takes place in conference rooms, in the workshop area and also on the grandstand, the individual workstations of the 150 employees were arranged in groups of four and six along the outer walls. Mobile partition walls serve to differentiate the teams, whereby the team size can be flexibly expanded or reduced at any time. A stage was installed for lectures, events and the presentation of the latest sports exercises – fit for fun, fit for work!

"When talking to the team, it quickly became clear that it is the team spirit that gives Freeletics its pulse. That's why we designed a large communal kitchen for shared breakfasts and lunches. It is the 'social heart' of the building, where the company culture is truly lived."

What are the key qualities of a good workplace for you?
Kerstin Littel: The ideal office environment is a space that enables hybrid working and collaborative on-site interaction. With sufficient retreat and communication areas, it enables “activity-based working” through a diverse range of work opportunities in which each employee can develop individually according to their needs. The triad of people, technology and interior design is of central importance here. When technical equipment and interior design support the flexibility requirements of employees, the workplace not only promotes productivity and creativity, but also makes a significant contribution to the long-term success of companies. In the context of the “hard facts”, ergonomic design is essential. Sufficient light and daylight create a pleasant working atmosphere, as do good room acoustics and room temperature.
Do you see any similarities between interior design for living and for working?
Yes, because today’s offices are no longer places where work is done and desks are lined up next to each other. Interior design has become more homely and offers variety for both the eye and the mind. Today’s office is both a hub and a home. As a “hub”, it offers a place for creative collaboration and helps to manage complex tasks. As a “home”, it helps employees to identify with the company.
Which functional aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?
The future of workspaces is characterised by flexibility, openness and versatility. The importance of the office has changed fundamentally, as many routine tasks are still carried out in the home office. As a result, the focus is increasingly on dialogue, corporate culture, team collaboration and communication. The integration of hybrid meetings is becoming increasingly important. Technologies and rooms must be designed flexibly so that they can connect both physical and virtual participants at any time.

ClientFreeletics GmbH
ArchitectsCSMM GmbH
Project typeModification/rebuilding
Gross floor area m26930
Number of employees150
Workspace FurnitureBene, Steelcase
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
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