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Design Bauteile C+D Errichtungsges.m.b.H.
Location Vienna, Austria

Near Vienna

If you want to do something for the environment, you have to create a suitable microclimate. This is exactly what happened when a 25-year-old building in Wienerberge, south-east of the metropolis of Vienna, was redefined. After a resource-conserving conversion with an energy-optimised building envelope, it was given a green facade including a sophisticated irrigation system, which – in combination with windows that can be opened individually, balconies and terraces – now forms a contemporary location for a best workspace, as the interior by Holzbauer und Partner offers. The new myhive location provides tenants with a total area of over 14,000 square metres, which not only benefits from the easily usable surroundings of the Wienerberge. From the conference centre to bicycle and fitness rooms with showers to shopping facilities and restaurants, relaxation, efficiency and, above all, networking are promoted. There is also a connection to the car park and a hotel.


Greenery has become the main motif of the office world, supported by natural ventilation and inviting outdoor areas. The building is accessed via a spacious, open entrance area, whose lounge atmosphere is complemented by an open staircase and the integrated artistic concept. Each rental area can be individually furnished and divided into different rooms and zones. For this purpose, a modular partition wall system in shell construction with internal patented system uprights is used, which can be panelled variably. The insulation is provided by acoustically effective, sustainable materials that have a positive impact on the office ambience. The myhive app connects the tenants on campus and serves both as a communication platform for community management and for booking meeting rooms on site.

"With myhive Urban Garden, we strive for a perfect balance between work and leisure as well as sustainable responsibility
and put people's needs at the centre."

What do you think are the key qualities of a good workplace?
Stefanie Mayr: A modern workplace must be flexible and ergonomic and encourage dialogue and productivity! It is a place for networking, exchanging knowledge and, above all, communicating corporate culture. To achieve this, an open room design with the best acoustics, enough smaller places to retreat and state-of-the-art infrastructure is necessary. Another important aspect of a good workplace is sustainability. This starts with the choice of office building and extends to the day-to-day operational processes.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
Of course there are visible similarities here. The equipment and requirements of a modern workplace are becoming more and more similar to those of a home. The workplace is primarily a place to work together, exchange ideas and gather new ideas. If it feels like home, satisfaction and therefore productivity are increased. Similarities can also be recognised with hotels, because service and hospitality are becoming increasingly important in the office sector. Companies are concentrating on their core business, while office activities such as parcel and guest reception, meeting room management and community events are organised for them. This development is due to the trend towards flexibility and efficiency, which will continue to prevail in the coming years.
Which functional aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?
The future workplace must be 100 per cent sustainable, even more flexible and, above all, digitalised. New technologies that make everyday working life easier and more efficient are essential for further development. In addition, a green, environmentally conscious workplace will become increasingly important in order to be competitive and attractive as an employer. The most important functions that a workplace of the future must have are those that the home office does not offer: the exchange of knowledge, the experience of corporate culture, personal development and interpersonal contact.

ClientBauteile C+D Errichtungsges. m.b.H.
ArchitectsHolzbauer und Partner ZT-GmbH
SectorProperty sector
Project typeModification/rebuilding
Gross floor area m216,300
Number of employees1000
LightingBuzzi Space, BuzziShade Square Beam; Buzzi Space, BuzziShade Square; Buzzi Space, BuzziShade; Buzzi Space, Buzzi Pleat; Buzzi Space, Buzzi Jet; Muuto, Unter der Glocke; Hay, Schild; Xal, TASK freistehend; Molto Luce, MOVA S GU10 TRACK SCHIENENSTRAHLER MIT 3-PH ADAPTER; Molto Luce,LOG 50 PD HÄNGELEUCHTE
AcousticsInside by Strähle, System 2000 Doppeltverglaste Gangtrennwände mit 48dB VS Möbel, Akusticscreen für den Schreibtisch (Artikel-Nr. 22005) Buzzi Space, Buzzi Free Buzzi Space, Buzzi Dish Cascando, Pillow Grid System M.C.I. Metal Ceiling Industries, abgehängte und akustisch wirksame Kühl- sowie Heizsegel Milliken, Coast Line
Workspace FurnitureVS Möbel, Pareto table system (height-adjustable) (article no. 21 753); VS Möbel, acoustic screen (article no. 22005); VS Möbel, VS series LightUp, office swivel chair (article no. 31724); VS Möbel, VS series Office Box, pedestal (article no. 40520); VS Möbel, VS Series 800, cupboards (3OH and 2OH incl. plant top); Buzzi Space, Buzziplanter; Buzzi Space, Buzzi Milkbar Stool; Buzzi Space, PicNicSide; BoConcept, Imola; BoConcept, PRINCETON BANK; BoConcept, Dublin; Zuiver, Doulton Lounge; Zuiver, Coffee Table Glazed; Zuiver, Mia; Zuiver, High on wood Cabinet; Zuiver, OMG Chair; Muuto, Fibre Side Chair; Muuto, FIBER ARMCHAIR Sled Base; Muuto, Fibre Barstool; Muuto, Folded Shelves; Muuto, Reflect; Johanson, Shima 110, with 2 tables; Johanson, Shima Garden; Johanson, Planter Shima Garden; Johanson, U-Sit 71; Johanson, Frankie; Johanson, Friends; Hay, Silent Flower; Punt, Mitis Extreme; Colico, Pedalo
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
TechnologySpace Os, myhive App
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