Design GOLDBECK Südwest GmbH
Location Neuried, Germany


In addition to its headquarters in Bielefeld, the construction and service company Goldbeck also has a site in the district of Munich, which has now been transformed into a vital and sustainable working environment with particular commitment – thanks to the in-house architecture department and in fulfilment of the GOLD standard for sustainable construction. Not only were new workspaces for 300 employees added to the new building, but also a customer forum where live demonstrations can be carried out using virtual reality technology – you can experience your own project digitally before it is completed.

nature everywhere

The complex consists of three dynamically cut structures and two connecting wings. Interconnected courtyards offer green outdoor areas, while two roof terraces provide a mentally uplifting view. Nature is an omnipresent dimension of the design: in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, an “office farming” concept was realised that allows lettuce and herbs to grow in shelving systems within the work areas. And outside, “Living Facades” with bird protection stickers and integrated nesting facilities actively protect nature, which in turn inspires the work processes. Nature also had a motivational influence on the spatially organised design of the interior. The “Urban Valley” of the interior office landscape is logically located on the ground floor and is the arrival zone. The upper three floors focus on forests, meadows, rocks, glaciers and finally clouds, which is reflected in the interplay of colours, floors, furniture and lighting. The wooden construction of the Townhall for events and stand-up meetings, which rises in seating steps, symbolises a mountain massif. The central structure, which is also equipped for visitors, with its multi-storey air spaces and the aforementioned Townhall, acts as a frequented centre compared to the side buildings, which are mainly occupied by multiple offices, and offers a work café and a children’s day care centre, among other things.

"Finally 'dahoam': Our new headquarters is a vibrant building - for working and feeling good. A pioneering showroom invites customers to experience our products up close."
ClientTONI Neuried KG
ArchitectsGoldbeck Süd GmbH / sü GmbH
SectorConstruction industry
Project typeNew building
Gross floor area m27200
Number of employees330
LightingWaldmann Lavigo, DoTOO.line, VIVAA 2 // muuto Under the Bell // Foscarini Gregg // Sattler Slim Delta, Palito // XAL Jane // Zumtobel Tubilux slim // belux cloud // gant lights C-Serie // Artemide Tagora Einbauleuchte //
Workspace FurnitureArbeitsplätze: Assmann Canvaro Solitär-Bench, Sympas Steh-Sitz-Tisch, Viteco Sichtschutz, Allvia Sideboard, intavis // Sedus quarterback Drehstuhl, se.lab e-desk A // steelcase Please Bürostuhl // Girsberger Simplex Drehstuhl 3D //muuto Outline Sofa, Relate Side Table, Highback Sofa // Brunner Sessel 9242/9244, Stapelstuhl 9709, Banc // lapalma Kipu, Auki P19 // HAY CPH20table // object carpet Kiesel Highs x Sighs, ID Velours 0301 // lapalma Seela Barhocker+Stuhl // profim FAN 10HC, Mickey, Wall In // FourDesign FourReal Hochtisch // ophelis Highbench // HAY AAS Barhocker // Pedrali Tisch Stylus+Fenix // extremis Hopper, Anker // creation baumann Space, LORD III //
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
TechnologyVideokonferenz Systeme (Yealink meetingboards), Microsoft Office 365, Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction
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