Design Stellwerk Projekt GmbH
Location Dresden, Germany

Efficient Space

The office floor was transformed into a dense, space-efficient working environment, every square metre was used, the most diverse functions were realised and at the same time a pleasantly usable, harmoniously rounded interior with a unique aesthetic was created. The new users, the work community of Dewpoint Therapeutics, in the highly specialised laboratory and office space of the Bio-Innovation Centre Dresden will certainly agree with this when they step into the narrow corridor of the reception area in the morning and move further into the 240 square metre open-plan space, which is decorated in soft colours, along the typical wooden trellises. A quick and intuitive interior design was particularly important here, as twenty independent international researchers work here, who are dependent on immediate efficiency and smooth processes as well as precisely fitting furnishings.


The main theme of the workspace, “urban gardening”, defined by STELLWERK architekten, is expressed in green walls, a sky-blue ceiling – the technology is only slightly concealed by a filigree grid layer – and earthy tones on the floor. The solid, robust oak chosen as a sustainable, long-lasting material becomes a multi-sensory player. Its lattice structures form four “gazebos” for think-tank and meeting functions, among other things. Further workplaces are provided by the workstations lined up along the window sides, each equipped with a small, practical hanging shelf, as well as a large, separate meeting room that can also be used for video calls. While the two white-coloured laboratories occupy the rear area – the glass surfaces provide privacy but allow visual references – the WCs and kitchen are located at the heart of the floor. This also serves as the central access intersection. Depending on your mood, you can sit there on a chequered stool or on the lounge sofa.

"We had high expectations. We wanted our processes and working methods to be understood. This was really well understood and implemented."

What do you consider to be the key qualities of a good workplace?
STELLWERK architekten: The basis of any consideration of quality is the awareness that we as humans are multi-sensory and emotional beings. Although purely functional approaches can improve processes and structures, they do not directly promote the well-being of people in the workplace and beyond. What we need is a more comprehensive approach that engages and satisfies us in a holistic way. We should create working environments that feel comfortable, that offer a view of nature or at least into the distance, and that are softer – an environment that balances the omnipresent technology and unfeeling functionality.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
The similarities have always been there, but in recent years the boundaries have been pushed further. Basically, both areas are about creating a working environment that is close to people and supports them. In doing so, we should not neglect the specific needs of the mind and body at work. The promotion of communication and concentration as well as the consideration of ergonomic aspects should play an important role. Last but not least, a well-designed working environment contributes to well-being and promotes identification with the workplace.
Which material-related aspects do you consider to be the most important for the future development of workspaces?
It is important to recognise that materials play a crucial role in shaping our environment, both now and in the future. Instead of continuing to think in terms of fixed forms and functions and turning them into lifeless, cold and smooth surfaces, we should use materials that improve the quality of our environment. We should create surfaces that feel good and invite us to touch them instead of distancing ourselves from them. In the same way, we should create structures and surfaces that absorb sound waves and thus enable pleasant acoustics. We need surfaces that capture the light and make it tangible. Material is the key word when it comes to quality of stay now and in the future.

ClientDewpoint Therapeutics GmbH
ArchitectsSTELLWERK architekten
Project typeModification/rebuilding
Gross floor area m2240
Number of employees25
Lighting1. Buzzi Space, Buzzi Prop 2. HAY, Klemmleuchte Noc Clip
Workspace FurnitureTables: Buzzi Space, Picnic, 2nd stool, benches: Buzzi Space, Milk; Chairs: Ton Leaf, 4th sofa Ligne Roset Togo
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
TechnologySonos speakers on the ceiling
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