Design feco-feederle GmbH
Location Köln, Germany

The community

It is often the location, the architecture and its style that make an office world a veritable location. When you step into historic industrial buildings, you are often gripped by a special atmosphere that reminds you of concentrated work and dedicated production, especially in wide halls with their thin walls and slender roof constructions, light and functional. What could be better than adapting a building like this for your modern workspace, revitalising it to benefit from its charm and energy. This was certainly also discussed when Inovex sat down with the commissioned interior experts from feco-feederle to discuss the concept for the company’s new Cologne branch. In terms of content, Inovex is all about “digital transformation”, and the new working environment should be organised according to the “community” principle. Feco preserved the valuable industrial character of the historic “Kupferhütte” brick building and subsequently developed an arrangement of flexible settings for the two levels, which fit into the deliberately open-plan and atmospherically light open-plan space.


They support co-working and communication. Upholstered furniture and wooden elements are used, combined with natural material tones or strong colour accents. They – as well as the decoratively placed green plants – bring a sense of liveliness to the otherwise emphatically functional ambience characterised by bright white and dark steel structures. On the lower level of the hall, in the large break area with kitchen, there are platforms, seating cubes and tables which, in combination with lounge furniture, table football and street art, promote a sense of togetherness that is very valuable to the company as it corresponds to the character of customer-orientated teamwork. Here you can experience informal and collaborative dialogue. Upstairs, under the open roof truss, is the working landscape, consisting of zones with height-adjustable, ergonomic workstations and brainstorming niches. The flexible laptop workstations are complemented by two pergola-like wooden louvre constructions that can be used for stand-up meetings, for example. Separate room cubicles are available for video calls or team meetings.

"With the new Inovex working environment, we have implemented a flexible office concept that reflects the future of work. Depending on their needs, employees can choose between different room zones that offer different working methods and atmospheres. Whether concentrated work, creative collaboration or informal dialogue in the lounge areas - everyone will find their ideal workspace here. Because the office is not just a place to work, but also a place to feel good, learn and network."

What do you consider to be the key qualities of a good workplace?
Maily Nguyen and Julia Pfitzenmeier: A good workplace is characterised by several factors that promote the well-being and performance of employees. This includes a working environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A good workplace also offers a positive working atmosphere based on trust, respect and appreciation. It also enables employees to contribute their skills and interests, to develop themselves further and to find a balance between work and private life.
Do you see any similarities in interior design for living and working?
Living and working environments are merging. The home office uses the private environment as a workplace, while offices are becoming places for collaboration. Both aim to create a pleasant and inspiring environment that meets the needs and preferences of users. The interior design adapts by treating workplaces like living spaces that enable retreat and relaxation.
Which material-related aspects do you consider to be the most important in the future development of workspaces?
The choice of materials is a key aspect in the design of workspaces, as it influences aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. We prioritise materials that are environmentally friendly, durable and of high quality. We favour materials that have a natural character, such as wood or stone, or are close to nature, such as plants or water. An ecologically valuable, sustainable interior concept allows future-orientated workspaces to develop continuously.

ClientInovex GmbH
Architectsfeco-feederle GmbH
Project typeModification/rebuilding
Gross floor area m22.200
Number of employees89
Workspace FurnitureBrunner, Vitra, Muuto, Ophelis, Sedus, Steelcase und Thonet, Lapalma, Framery
Conference Furniture-
Lounge Furniture-
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